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Questions to Management

The question here I would like to raise is does a subordinate have the right to question their manager’s decision?

In 2011, in a place such as the United Kingdom, in a city such as London, and in an industry where professional, qualified, experienced, and talented employees are not easy to find ... the industry of IT.

This month I found myself in this predicament. My manager promoted one of my colleagues to a team leader position without informing us, consulting with us, or even opening the post for everyone to apply and let the best candidate win.

When I found out, I immediately fired off an email to my manager, asking why, and stating that if that is so, it changes how I view my role and hers. Also I asked how I was supposed to work with him as my manager if she is the team leader.

I got no real answer; I got a feeble attempt at an answer with some managerial jargon thrown in an email at me about leadership, something out of Wikipedia ...

I could tell he was obviously annoyed that I had the audacity to question his judgment, his decision making, and his overall leadership skills.

So my question: why can’t a manager explain his decision—which affects my well-being at work, my career progression, and my self-esteem—intelligently, calmly, and articulately?

What is it that threatens him about the question? A woman asking this question. Would my male colleague get another response?

I am confused about why. I feel underestimated. Also I think for me his leadership has lost credibility. Because all of the sudden, I find that I am working with a manager who actually feels that I do not deserve to be given a decent explanation so we can iron out any misunderstandings.

I do agree that leadership is not about listening to every whim of your team, however, surely it is about communication and letting your team know why you have changed the team structure.

I have not come up with any substantial answers to all my questions. 

All managers out there, if you have answers to this, please do comment.