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Quickest, Easiest, Ugly (But Good) Birthday Cake that Kids Will Love

In honor of my son’s birthday that we had yesterday, I’d like to share this little idea I had about two years ago.

Not everyone likes cake! WHAT? WHAT’S YOU TALKEN ‘BOUT WILLIS? I know, I know, I’m going to get hate mail for that one, but its true. Not everyone likes cake. Sometimes it’s the icing, sometimes it’s the mess that needs cleaned after a crazy birthday party.

Whether you like cake or not, next year try this idea and see how it goes over. Pick up two bags of those little donuts. You know, the one’s you can eat a dozen or so and still be hungry. In our house, we pick up one bag of chocolate and one bag of powdered. Stack them in the shape of a cake with however you want to layer your varieties. If you’re having a birthday, the little candles will fit nicely in the donut centers.

We like this cake for a couple of reasons. It’s good. It’s quick. It’s easy to clean up. The kids can get as many as they want, by themselves without making an icing mess. Plus, it’s good. Oh, wait, I said that already.