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Random Rose

It occurred to me that our workforce is well down the path of no return. As humans, we have always had a propensity towards obsessions and that has gained momentum because of technology but also because of gender workplace change.

Back in the early sixties, a country singer sang the words about the ability to wash clothes, fry bacon, and change the baby’s diaper … all at once. While that was a funny spin on the plight of the stay-at-home mother, it hit the truth button. Do your own homework, but I have not found references to this type of need to multi-task in the other gender.

So, the question is: Why women?

Take this tendency/trait/OCD that is prevalent, mostly exclusively present, in the female sector and blend it into the workforce. With 65 percent of the workforce being female, it was only a matter of time before this tic to do more in less time dominated the workplace and set the bar for what is expected. With the state of the economy, it is becoming an expectation to do more with less. Instead of moving forward, have we moved back to the country song?