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A Rant on Rants

The word “rant” has been used a lot recently to attempt to marginalize those that speak of certain truths. Marginalize is defined as to take or keep somebody or something away from the center of attention, influence, or power. And labeling is a practice used extensively by those in control to do just that, keep control. Common labels we have seen used are, doom and gloom, unAmerican, not patriotic, paranoia, conspiracy theory, and on and on. And rant is the latest one. They all serve the same purpose: to marginalize.

So, much of what you might read here could be labeled any way you want but that does not diminish the truth of which is written. It only serves to allow the ongoing manipulations to continue when we buy into these schemes. And buy in we do. That’s why you will hear so much of this type of labeling whenever something against the status quo is uttered. It’s so widespread that you might feel that you are better off to just shut up than to bear the wrath of friends, family or coworkers around the water cooler, if you still have a job that is. And then their job is done and we are silenced. Unless we refuse to be!

The people who buy into this are all doing their assignments very well. Those they have fallen prey to by not allowing themselves to be free thinkers, but to just be good little citizens, and follow blindly the obligatory commandments they receive. It is forums like this that have the daunting job of breaking those type of people out of their lockstep march toward the cliff we are all on the edge of. And those of us who speak of things like this must endure the slings and arrows of the unenlightened.

But we tolerate it; forge ahead. We must because the message is too important. So we continue on, take it all and keep on going, unswervingly dedicated to the overwhelming task before us. And those that don’t want certain truths to be spoken continue on also. They must do that in order to attempt to persist in securing their gains at the expense of the rest of us. But you don’t have to buy into the plan. If the forefathers had done this we would not have a Constitution now to be constantly worked around for the benefit of the few and the detriment of the many.

So the next time you hear someone use the word rant, or for that matter, any type of label, don’t automatically discount the message. Use the mind you were given to formulate your own opinion on each matter.