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Recession Buster: Bring Back the Potluck

What are you doing with all this economic uncertainty? By many accounts, curling up in a ball, pulling the covers over your head, and waiting for the sun to shine again. Understandably, a lot of you have slowed spending (any and all spending), but this doesn’t mean that you have stopped socializing, does it?

I think it’s high time to bring back the potluck, and these challenging economic times are the perfect excuse. The potluck has long been a favored tradition dating back centuries, that until recently lost some appeal after a popular resurgence in the 60s and 70s. Now it’s a growing trend and great way to save money and distribute the costs of entertaining among friends and family. Since people probably want to socialize now more than ever to give each other a breath of fresh air and good news, it is entirely appropriate to lean on each other and share the burden of entertaining.

You may or may not know this, but the term “potluck” has two meanings; both practices are related and have ancient roots:

1. Taking one’s chances (luck) with what is being served (in the cooking pot).

2. Community meal composed of food contributions.

So, there’s no need to shoulder the entire expense or work load of entertaining guests yourself. Spread it around by using a potluck sign-up sheet to coordinate who brings what dishes and let the revelry begin. Pull down the covers and get out of the house! Be creative, host a family Pizza Luck or Taco Luck and when summer finally arrives, a Grill Luck.