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Recycling Old Sheets and Towels

Sheets, towels, and ragged, old blankets seem to pile up in life. Spring cleaning this year means organizing the linen closet and getting rid of the old fabrics that still have life in them. This includes my favorite cotton blanket.

While clearing out the floor of the future linen closet and a huge plastic storage bin back in anther closet, I discovered three of those huge blue plastic storage bags called “Sacs.” I remember stuffing odd-sized, extra sheets into them when I move last year. I like using those bags because they keep the linens smelling fresh. Then I seem to have forgotten all about them in the rush of moving and the chaos of renovation.

Anyway, here they are—used but still useful. I simply have too many sheets for one person to own. The key word here is “simplify.”

Now, to make a long suggestion short: I called our local SPCA and asked if they take used, clean sheets, towels, and blankets. Jennifer gratefully accepted the bundles (I kept the blue Sacs) for the homeless dogs and cats. Dogs living in concrete walkabout pens really appreciate something soft to curl up on. I felt good about it since she told me they were nearly out of bedding and she wondered what she was going to use.  

I went away pleased that someone else is going to get even more comfort from my faded pink blanket.