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Remarkable Wonderment

Do you think others see you quite differently as you see yourself? As time has passed, I know I view myself as my much younger self. In my mind, I am still that twenty-year-old that danced on SoulTrain—so many years ago. My children cannot imagine me ever being that cool. I wish I had pictures of it.

As children, we looked at everything with wonderment and awe. Perhaps we just need to give ourselves permission to release those dreams we once had, the hopes and desires that so often are waylaid by what life tosses in our path. Who or what is in our way … limitations self-imposed or constraints we allow to define us? We can change those things. It only demands an active choice.

Given the opportunity to choose right now, what would you choose? Can you see yourself conquering that hill, losing that weight, learning to dance, getting a degree, or moving across to the other side of the world? If we can visualize it, we can choose to accomplish it. Whatever your choice may be, it ultimately will be to do whatever it is in a remarkable way. Why remarkable? Being remarkable is doing everything the best you can offer and affecting those around you in a positive way.

When we look at life with a renewed view firmly within wonderment, we can’t help but strive to be remarkable. When we do everything remarkably well, then we also tend to rub off on others. Wonderment and being remarkable is contagious. It immediately sets us apart from the masses of people merely moving through life in a robotic fashion. They will want to know your secret, because we all secretly want to be remarkable.

I am here to challenge you to do a few things.... Not all at once—maybe one a day or one a week—and they are simple, tiny things.

First: Make eye contact with everyone you meet and simply smile. Count the amount of smiles you get back.

Second: Decide to dedicate yourself to being the very best ______ that you can possibly be … and do that. Be consistent and people will notice.

Third: Look for ways to help someone without personal gain. Why? If you do this, you will know why, and sadly if you don’t, then you won’t.

Wonderment and being remarkable are the keys to success in happiness. Doing these three things every day will open paths you never thought possible. I would love to hear from you after you do this experiment. Consider it seriously—these are TINY things. Even if you only do them for one week, you will notice a big change, and once you regain that feeling of wonderment, another remarkable thing about life will embrace you—joy.

After that—I predict you will never stop doing these tiny three things. In fact, you will start looking for more ways to be remarkable. The interesting thing about this is that soon you will begin to see more options, more opportunities, and you will feel those limitations, which held you down all these years, suddenly fall off you. You will realize then that wonderment and being remarkable will show you the way to making your dreams come true.

I know this because I am filled with wonderment and awe. I am becoming more remarkable every day. So can you!