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Remember What’s Important

Things are changing at an alarming pace, with the changes in the economy and job situations as well as tornadoes and flooding in many states. I received an email this morning that got me thinking about this, “The best thing about every financial meltdown, global or otherwise, is learning that whatever was lost, can be recreated.”

If you find yourself in a position of lower income or job loss, it is important to change your spending to adjust to your current situation. In many cases people do not change their spending to be in line with their income and get into more trouble. Also, if you lost money in the stock market or your retirement accounts or are making less now, it is important to look forward to the future. As Suze Orman states, there is nothing you can do to change what has happened. I know it is difficult to forget the past, but you must take steps to make you future better.

There have been numerous tornadoes already this year and severe flooding in many states. Even though there is a tremendous financial loss for many families and communities it is important to remember what is really important. One of Suze Orman’s sayings is “People first, then money, then things.” You can replace money and things.