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A Research Paper on Academic Fraud

According to Merriam Webster, fraud is the intellectual perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or surrender a legal right. 

Academic fraud on the other hand is a more specific kind of fraud, which is defined as the falsification of research findings. Apparently, this act is considered as a scientific misconduct subject to proper legal judgment.

Academic fraud is very significant in the academic industry. In almost all academic institutions, this is considered as one of the major offenses that could lead to expulsion if proven right.

Furthermore, conducting or writing a research paper on academic fraud will help in giving further information on how this is committed and how it should be avoided as well. Some of the probable points that you can ponder on a research paper are the following:

  • Plagiarism as a form of academic fraud (You can tackle the history, and the acts on how it is omitted as well as its corresponding sanctions.).
  • Falsification of documents like report cards, transcript of records, etc.
  • Legal bases of academic fraud and its corresponding legal sanction.
  • The different forms of academic fraud and its weight in the legal status.
  • Why do academic institutions consider it as a major offense and how do they evaluate it.