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Good God. Does life ever give you a break! Being alone and sixty-something I can’t say is the best of all worlds. With the current job market and struggling makes it even worse. But hey, I always think, and always know that my life could be a lot worse. I could live in Bagdad or another war torn country ... I could be living with a loser, I could be living with a roommate from hell!

I have three part-time jobs now. One at my apartment leasing office every other weekend, one at a grocery store, and just picked up another one at a clinic. I hate all of them. I have been off work for over a year now and really don’t want to work full-time; I do collect a pension. Once you stop working full-time, it’s really hard to go back to that routine. My struggles come from being able to hear anyone on the phone ... people from different countries and there accents? Is it just me? The frustration level is so high, like what is your name? Could you please spell that, no ... could you please start over? Ok, one more time for the kipper ... Good God. 

I work with a lot of younger people. I remember when I was younger and the older gals where so slow … there for the grace of God go I. I also have found that the young ones that treat me well must have had good parents; that’s how I judge them. 

So here is a big shout out to all my single older gals ... hang in there. Maybe we will find money and get off this merry-go-round, or maybe I should just see it differently and roll with the plan, whatever that is.