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Rise Above the Doom and Gloom

Today’s news reports are saying that employers shed 85,000 jobs in the month of December. They are saying that economists are concerned that the economy will not pick up in 2010. Reports show that many of the unemployed have given up their job search due to lack of jobs available.

Doom and gloom!

While there is absolute validity to the numbers that the media and economists are reporting, what I don’t like about it is the hopelessness that it conveys. You hear these numbers and statistics and you say, “well, I guess there is no reason to look.” Or, “I better take the first thing that comes along.” When I believe with every fiber that now more than ever we should get really clear on what we want to do and focus on that. Here are my tips do rise above the doom and gloom:

Turn off the computer.—It is time to close craiglist, or whatever other job search engine you are using. Stop the endless search for whatever “looks fairly interesting.” When you put out the energy that you are only mildly interested in something, guess what kind of response you are met with? The same.

Go for a walk.—There is no better way to clear your head than to go for a walk. This is the time to really let ideas flow in. Think about things like:

  • If money and time were not a concern, what would I do?
  • If someone told me my work day would be like ____________, I would be beside myself with excitement.
  • If I knew I would have guaranteed success, what would I attempt?

One “crazy” day.—Allow yourself to have one “crazy” day per week where you pursue a job that answers the questions above. Maybe you would really love to be a chef. Spend one day looking into to. How much would culinary school cost? Are there scholarships available? Are there catering companies you can work for? Can you work in a restaurant kitchen to learn the ropes? Is there a family friend that is a chef that you can talk to? Really explore it.

Now more than ever is the time to pursue what you truly want. Because if the jobs truly aren’t out there (which I don’t believe is true), what do you have to lose?