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Save Money on Entertaining Food

You don’t need to bust your food budget because you are throwing a party. There are great alternatives to those fancy dishes that are usually served. Here are some inexpensive yet delicious substitutions to popular entertaining dishes that cost more:

  • Instead of guacamole serve black bean dip topped with avocado. Instead of buying three or four avocados for the guacamole you only need one to top the bean dip.
  • Serve Smoke salmon spread instead of smoked salmon slices: Perfect way to enjoy the flavor of smoked salmon while keeping your expenses under budget.
  • Wrap vegetables in prosciutto or ham instead of serving slices of these meats. The vegetables make each bite more filling.
  • Substitute an antipasto platter by bruschetta topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. The bread makes each appetizer more filling and you use less of the more expensive fresh mozzarella.
  • Serve crab dip instead of crab cakes. Your guests will still be impressed by being served crab while you are happy you have spent less.

Next time you host a party you don’t have to break the bank while trying to feed and impress your guests. Do you have any other ways to make a good impression on your guests while keeping on a budget? Please share them with us.

Originally published on CommonSensewithMoney