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School Beckons

I just got off the phone with an advisor from Argosy University Online. He was quite attentive and we had a good conversation. When I requested information from AU, I wrote that I was interested in psychology for a B.S. I have an associate degree in nursing, but don’t have any interest in getting my B.S. in Nursing. I’m disabled and can’t do what I loved most about nursing—taking care of patients. I was a manager for about six months and hated it. I went back to ICU nursing and remained there until I became disabled in 1999.

So when I started searching for online courses, I chose English and psychology. After researching psychology, I realized that my particular interest was in forensic psychology, but you need at least a Master’s degree, if not a PhD to get a job in that field. So I found Grand Canyon University, which has a bachelor’s program in English Literature and I noticed they also had a bachelor’s degree in Christianity. Now, I know that a BA in English literature would help a writing career, but I’ve found myself drawn to Christianity. I’ve always been a devout Christian, and I wondered what I could do with a degree in Christianity or Divinity. I could be a minister, or minister’s assistant. The money wouldn’t matter because I’d be doing the Lord’s work. So now I’m torn. I’m sure I could get some of my articles published without a degree in English, but I couldn’t become an elder in a church without some sort of degree, whether it’s in Christianity or Divinity.

My son and I are both interested in going on a mission. I’ve been in touch with Robert Tebow’s Missionary, which travels to the Philippines, as well as other third-world countries, helping to build houses, runs an orphanage and a medical clinic. Conor is eleven and needs to be fifteen to go. That gives us four years to save for the mission and for me to get my degree.

Money is a big drawback for me. I don’t have an employer paying my tuition. I found that I can get Federal loans and grants that would pay the whole tuition at Grand Canyon University. I was surprised to find this, but there has been so much in the news about President Obama’s urging for people to go back to school. Apparently it’s true. I paid my way through nursing school, and now, nearly twenty-six years later, I can get all the money I need to further my education and possibly get off of Social Security Disability. So paying for my education is actually helping the government. Who would have thought it?