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Season Changes and Storage Solutions

I know it’s still ninety degrees outside, but once I start seeing back-to-school ads and the temperature drops below fifty at night, I get excited for fall. I’ve already developed the autumn itch (and I don’t mean the type remedied by a good moisturizer), and this means my mind is focused on one thing: wardrobe changes.

I’ve already packed away most of my shorts and sundresses, leaving a few for those Indian-summer days that can stretch into October. I’m done with anything made of linen, and longing for my heavier knits. As I dig through my closets, creating piles of seasonal clothing, I find myself glad for the closet storage solution in Manhattan that is Manhattan Mini Storage.

It was a couple of years ago when I finally gave in to my need for closet organization. My shopping habits and my need for order were clashing, and I got tired of pushing aside one summer dress after another in order to get to the cashmere sweater that I was looking for. What is the point in keeping around flip-flops, huaraches, and espadrilles when there is snow on the ground? I was tired of being surrounded by unnecessary stuff, so I packed it all up in a few boxes, and found myself a NYC self-storage closet rental. It remains one of my best decisions to date. For only a few bucks a month, I get some peace of mind, and some additional closet organization. 

Aside from being more organized, I also get to experience the great joy of rediscovering my favorite things when I take them out of storage. Hello, cable-knit alpaca sweater! I’ve missed you! Fur-lined riding boots, it’s been far too long! There’s definitely something to be said for coming across something you’ve forgotten about. The best part is, I get to do it all again in a few short months!