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A Second Act Career

I’m at the age where a new bracelet, if inscribed, would read, “I take Lipitor.” A new necklace won’t materialize because I’m good in bed—instead, I’d receive a device to summon help should I tumble out of it. But what’s rejuvenated me is my new career. I now have an online mosaic boutique. Instead of writing for TV, which had been my career, I’m breaking beautiful and unusual plates.

There are all sorts of surprising and terrific images on plates—Warhol’s Campbell soup cans, the London Metro map, food images and musical instruments. Using nippers, I create tiny shards and combine them with handmade tiles, glass gems, mirrors, and words extracted from plates.

Not only am I making vases, picture frames, planters, candlestick holders, and lamps, but I’ve added cremation urns to my inventory. Yes, urns people will be thrilled to display! They’re attractive and a celebration to life, as they’re decorated with a photo montage of the loved one (pets or people). These have excited people who’ve said, “What a way to go! These urns are to die for!”

I take custom orders that offer the option of personalization. Vases with initials of newlyweds have been popular as wedding gifts, and picture frames with a newborn’s initials done in baby beads are another favorite. I hope my virtual friends will save my site for when they need gifts, and forward it to their virtual friends, and help me go viral so I can become too big to fail!