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Seven Gadgets That Get More Mileage Out of Your Car

Gas prices are over four dollars in some areas of the country. Unfortunately, public transportation in many cities is still not reliable enough to get people where they need to go. If we’re going to spend so much money on gas, our cars need to start multitasking. Here are a few of my favorite car gadgets that give you more for your mileage buck:

“Call Me!” at 70 mph

The CallMe Prism makes interstate pick-ups much more efficient (and colorful, too) by being able to flash your digits to that hottie you’re next to in morning traffic.

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Toilet To-Go

With places to go and people to see, who has time to pull over and find a public restroom? Though sitting on a cardboard toilet in the back seat with a curtain covering you might not be the ideal bathroom scenario, it beats a random Port-a-Potty.

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Hoops Dreams on the Highway

This would be a great way to get some exercise during gridlock and make some friends on your commute.

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Who Needs Starbucks?

The delicious aroma of brewing coffee is a great motivator to spend half an hour in rush hour traffic.

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Concrete Cookout

This is not available for purchase (it was entered into a design competition a few months ago), and maybe that’s a good thing. Even though you can cook things on your car engine, is the world really ready for hamburgers cooked by exhaust pipes?

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“Scissor Sisters. No, I said SCISSOR SISTERS!”

If I had this gadget, all I would have to do is yell the song I wanted to hear and, like a little electronic genie, it would do my bidding. I might freak out other drivers, but they’ll catch on.

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Mmmm … Toasty

If you love a good piece of toast, this gadget may be perfect for you. Just stick the bread on the cooking plates and put the top down. You could also heat up a grilled cheese (or maybe grill some doughnuts for a morning commute) if you’re feeling extra inspired.

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