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The Seven Steps to Becoming a Fearless Fish Out of Water

“Being different is good. That’s what I believe. The following seven career-tested steps will give you the motivation and inspiration to turn your uniqueness into an advantage. You’ll learn to recognize the strengths that your differences give you and understand the secrets for positioning them to work for you.”—Robin Fisher Roffer

Step 1: Go Fishing for the Real You
The first step to becoming a fearless fish out of water is to peel away the layers you’ve piled on in your attempts to fit in, uncovering the power of your authenticity. Shedding old habits is often essential to opening up to your authentic self. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself.

Step 2: Use Your Differences as a Lure
When you stand out from the pack, people take a second look at you. You’re intriguing. You bring a freshness with you, the possibility for change. You inspire curiosity. You attract attention. You’re unforgettable. Step 2 encourages you to shine a light on who you are and what you do in your own way.

Step 3: Find a Few Fish Like You
Step 3 on the path to fearlessness is to discover where, when, and what you find comfort in so you can anchor yourself in your own uniqueness. It’s also about finding other people like you-yes, they do exist-and leading the way for them to become accepted.

Step 4: Swim in Their Ocean Your Way
In this step, you’ll learn how to be a fearless fish out of water by learning how to be a part of almost any culture without getting lost in it. It can be deadly to get so entrenched that you can’t find the real you. Instead look for the people and values that resonate with you and don’t buy into the rest.

Step 5: Put Yourself Out on the Line
Those who are different are perfectly positioned to make a difference. It’s not the wallflower who’s going to help a company go green, or the conformist who will invent the new business model. In this step you’ll discover that you can create change-and be an inspiration-because you don’t blend in.

Step 6: Evolve by Casting a Wide Net
Conformity is not distinguishing. The way to live deeply is to keep reinventing yourself, changing with the times and with the places you work and live while holding on to the essential you. It’s also the fastest way to the top. Step 6 of being a fearless fish reveals the secrets of how to use your place outside the circle to always be relevant to your organization and industry. It’s about staying true to the essence of who you are, and then recasting it to feel brand new.

Step 7: Reel in Your Unique Power
Many of us have had something happen that rocked our world and made us question our personal value and the value of others in our lives. That’s the common denominator for all fish out of water. The fearless among us overcome these obstacles by practicing the ABCs for fish out of water-action, belief, and courage.

Originally published on RobinFischerRoffer