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Seven Sweet Success Treats

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t cheat yourself. Treat yourself.” Every time you refuse to return a business prospects phone call, you cheat yourself out of an opportunity to taste mouth-watering success. When you fail to submit your resume for the desired promotion, you cheat yourself. If you refuse to promote your business at a networking function, you rob yourself of a chance to increase your bottom line. Let’s discuss seven sweet success treats over an imaginary mocha latte.

1. On a daily basis, envision success taking place in all areas of your life. Abraham Lincoln stated, “Feed your faith and you will starve your doubts to death.” Failure is not an option and success is necessary.

2. Create successful alliances with individuals who have embraced success as a way of life. A companion of wise men will be wise.

3. Understand that the evidence of successful thinking may not appear instantaneously but over an extended period. Do not allow temporary circumstances to stifle your air of confidence.

4. Success is yours for the taking not the asking. You were born to be successful and determine not to settle for anything less than the best. Stand tall and walk boldly into new heights of success never before imagined.

5. Prepare for war! Success is built upon the cornerstone of battle. If you want to achieve greatness, you must be ready for intense combat to build your stamina and endurance.

6. Understand why you desire and need to be successful. The benefits of being successful are found in the ability to educate and motivate others to rise above self-imposed limitations.

7. Success is the unsigned check waiting for your immediate deposit. Many individuals think success is a destination to arrive at when it is a journey to be enjoyed continuously.

Let your heart beat to the drum of success in every waking moment of your life. The past does not dictate whether you are entitled to a successful existence. Refuse to forfeit your divine inheritance as a benefactor of greatness due to negligent thinking.