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Shifting Your Mindset: The Key to Creating More Money




At some point or another during the course of our lives, we each experience one, if not all, of these emotions concerning the status of our financial resources.
In fact, these very emotions are often the reason why:
  • We stay in jobs or relationships we’ve outgrown in order to feel financially safe and secure even though our spirit dies a little bit more each day.
  • We minimize our wants, needs and dreams…and learn to live half a life, instead.
  • We seek to establish safe and secure “life roots”, which eventually morph into chains and trap us in lives of our own choosing, rather than unfold our wings, reach for the stars and live our potential.
But why do we settle for less than what our hearts desire when we possess the inner potential to create unlimited resources in support of our bigger dreams?

The reason—we often tell ourselves—is that we simply do not have the money to live the life we really want. Stuck in this “rationalization”, however, we forget that it’s our current level of thinking that has created our current life experience …and that if we wish to live more abundantly, we must begin to think differently.

It’s our mindset then, not money or the lack thereof, which is the real problem.

Thus, it’s only by shifting our money mindset—the beliefs and perspectives we hold about money—that we remove any limits on who we can be, what we can do and how we can live. This is especially true since our money mindset influences the actions we take and the choices we make in relation to money.

So what, then, is the solution? How do we shift our money mindset after maintaining a certain perspective for an extended length of time?

The answer is … with awareness.

First, become aware of the mindset-money connection, including how it is affecting your current financial resources, or lack thereof. One of the best ways to do this is to reflect on and answer these two questions:
  1. Acknowledge a specific area where money “appears to be lacking” and ask yourself: What specific belief(s) is creating this experience? (And remember, this “lack” is simply mirroring your mindset, not truth.)
  2. Identify a specific money goal and ask yourself: What would I have to believe (about myself or money) in order to transform this goal into a reality?
Then, with this new awareness, challenge your beliefs. Question their accuracy. Keep in mind as you do so, that if a belief in any way limits your financial resources or your ability to experience more money, it is 100 percent inaccurate. Instead, your belief is an incorrect conclusion you have drawn about your life experiences due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the mindset-money connection.
Lastly, this awareness will begin to create a mindset shift. As a result, you’ll also begin to notice a direct correlation between thinking differently and living more abundantly.