Shimmer and shine in these gorgeous diamond gold hoops. Crafted in lustrous gold, these hoops come studded with diamonds in a line and have a bold curvaceous design. Diamonds are a precious beauty and these hoop earrings adorned with diamonds will make an outstanding addition to any jewelry collection. A superb piece these earrings also make an outstanding gift. When were hoops popularize? The gold hoop earring has been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughift. When were hoops popularize? The gold hoop earring has been a powerful symbol in numerous cultures throughout history. Hoop earrings can be traced back to 4th century Africa - particularly to Nubia - which is now the country of Sudan. They were an important accessory for Egyptians who in 15000 BC even adorned cats -the most scared animal- with these gold earrings. How should I style these hoops? These hoops will look great on anything formal. If you are at work and need to move onto an evening and feel the mood, just slip these on and you'll be dressed. They can be worn with anything casual and formal. If you are feeling experimental you can pair them with something sporty too. After all, hoops are all about evolution. What is the history of diamonds? Diamonds have always been a sign of wealth, worn by elite classes and wealthy rulers-but in addition to being displayed as adornment and good luck charms, diamonds were also used as carving tools and even digested as medicine. The first diamonds were found in India and traded along the Silk Road, but as the supply dwindled in South Asia, other countries, including Brazil and South America, became the new suppliers. Today, production has increased to about 100 million carats per year across the globe. How are diamonds created? Diamonds are formed deep beneath the earth surface, created under intense pressure and brought to the surface by hot volcanic activity. What do diamonds symbolize? Diamonds have been admired by objects of desire since ancient times and have been adorned by women and men for centuries for many reasons. Believed by Ancient Romans & Greeks to be the tears of gods or pieces of falling stars, diamonds are also said to have influence beyond love. Diamonds are said to bring the wearer great strength, protection, and clarity. Worn as protection in battle, diamonds have been embellished throughout histories & cultures. What inspired this design? A woman is a full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform - Diane Mariechild. Our designers were deeply inspired by this quote. The hoop design is symbolic of how a woman is evolving each day and carries the power to transform and nurture herself. The diamonds were chosen for their brilliance, hardness and beauty. These hoop earrings will bring out the true you. A must have in your jewelry collection. read more