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Point: 1. Inorganic UV protectant gently protects skin - If you ware worried about sensitive skin, try inorganic UV protectant tha...t reflects UV rays. The skin-soothing powder gently protects and soothes skin. 2. Convenient cushion-type sun cushion - The texture resembling marshmallow keeps skin moisturized and matte. The mesh sun cushion applies more thin and even compared to general cushion, and it can be used conveniently anytime, anywhere. Purpose: The mesh sun cushion in marshmallow-soft texture gently blocks UV rays with inorganic UV protectant Indications and Usage: 1. Press the sponge with the puff to take an appropriate amount evenly 2. Apply on the face, and gently pat to promote the absorption into skin. Size: 10g read more


Point: 1. Zero cloudiness! Powerful and clear UV protection film - Clear product with no cloudiness for easy application on top of... makeup and long-lasting power 2. Abundant moisture through vitamin C complex - Vitamin complex retains moisture that is normally lost due to UV rays and cares for moist skin with vitality 3. Easy & Simple sun stick - Light and portable product that can be applied without using hands for hygienic UV protection even during outdoor activities Purpose: Clear sun stick containing vitamin complex for UV protection Indications and Usage: Turn the dial at the bottom of the stick and apply the sun block, spreading outward from the inside. Carry the product around and apply on the face and body as needed. TIP: When applying on top of makeup, make sure to gently tap on to prevent the makeup from moving or becoming cakey. Size: 21g read more


Point: 1. Brightening, moisturizing, nourishing total serum - It fills nutrition with marula oil, replenishes moisturizer with hon...ey extract water, and it fills up skin with radiance capsule brightly. 2. Radiance capsules for translucent complexion - Radiance capsules containing whitening active ingredient gently penetrate the skin and brighten the skin complexion. 3. Marula oil + Honey extract - Mixed with natural marula oil and honey extract, the formula creates a three-step skin repair system. Purpose: A dual functional serum with natural Marula oil, Honey extract, and Radiance capsules extracted from African Marula tree. Indications and Usage: Apply moderate amount and gently spread over the entire face. Size: 50ml read more


1. Purifies and revitalizes skin - Laneige's innovative Sleep-tox™ technology purifies and revitalizes tired skin during sleep. 2.... Moisturizing moisture film during nighttime - Laneige Moisture Wrap™ technology keeps skin prone to dryness moisturized during sleep and increases the absorption of active substances into skin. 3. Smoothens and soothes skin - The light gel-type formula gently soothes rough, tired skin and smoothens skin texture. *Non-comedogenic tests completed, sensitivity panel tests conducted 4. Comforting, relaxing fragrance - Sleepscent ™ fragrance developed exclusively Laneige Water Sleeping Mask provides pleasant, comforting, relaxing effects. Purpose: Intensive moisture sleeping mask makes skin look clear, bright, and revitalized in the morning with the purification function of Sleep-tox ™ as if having had a good night's sleep Indications and Usage: 1. After washing the face at night, apply toner followed by emulsion before going to bed. 2. Apply an adequate amount (2.5cm diameter) on the nose tip, cheeks, forehead, and chin and enjoy the fragrance for 3 seconds. 3. Gently apply on the face in the direction of skin texture, starting from the inside of the face and working outward. 4. After the application is absorbed, go to bed without washing off (wash the face the next morning) Size: 70ml read more


Point: 1. Lightweight - Lightweight and mild formula helps create smooth skin. 2. Balanced - Helps balance water-oil levels withou...t drying out the skin. 3. 3 Ingredient Free - Free of silicone, mineral oil, and tar color pigment. Purpose: The silicon-free essence control sebum. Indications and Usage: After tidying up skin with toner, gently apply an appropriate amount on areas with excessive sebum. Size: 40ml read more


Point: 1. Ampoule Texture Technology - The texture instantly transforms from serum to \watery toner, for faster absorption into th...e skin 2. Low-molecular Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic acid molecules deeply replenish the skin and capture the moisture on the skin surface. Purpose: A hydrating toner in the form of an ampoule to replenish dry skin. Indications and Usage: Pump an appropriate amount after washing face every morning and evening and smooth along the texture of skin. Size: 150ml read more


1. Completes three-dimensional face with bright shimmering light colors. - Creates a bright, vibrant and younger-looking face 2. G...laze Color Duo Mix - A mix duo to create glowing, shimmering skin as if sugar were glazed. - Contains sugar extract and vitamin ingredients Purpose: - A petite 3D face that is completed with lighting and shading - Contains sugar extract and vitamin ingredients Indications and Usage: 1. 3D Face Lighter - Complete a 3D face with bright shimmering light colors. - Touch on your entire face or desired areas for volume to create a bright, vibrant and younger-looking face. - Apply a contour highlighter as if a light were turned on to create a clearer looking face. 2. Glaze Color Duo Mix - Pink: For bright tone-up radiance with light pink gold. - Gold: For glowing transparent radiance with light beige gold. Size: 9g read more


Point: 1. #Rose Cushion - Includes 32% of Bulgaria Damask rose water for even more moisturizing, smooth skin texture 2. Cushion - Includes Dutch aloe essence that extracted 1 drop per second for more moisturizing and comfortable skin care effect 3. #Mist Cushion - With dual moisture system, helps moist to fit on skin for moist glow skin Purpose: Bright and moisturizing skin all day! Lively, transparent moisture glow skin Indications and Usage: Get adequate amount on the puff, spread around face and gently dab for absorption Size: 15g read more

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