The Best Beauty Mini Fridges for Keeping Your Skincare Cool And Collected

Hello, beauty lovers who have shelves, countertops, and nightstands littered with expensive neck creams, facial moisturizers and eye serums. Rather than keeping your products scattered about, there's a new storage trend on the horizon that's been gaining major traction for keeping, and improving, your expensive bottles. Say hello to beauty fridges.

Keeping your precious beauty products tucked away in a mini fridge has major benefits. Store facial rollers, sheet masks, and face masks for ultra cooling de-puffing, and extend the shelf life of day creams, preservative-free skincare, and Vitamin C serums. We did some digging to find you the best mini fridges small enough to sit on your bathroom counter. They fit your must-have products — and even a canned rosé for when you're pregaming girls night.

White Cooluli mini fridge with black spots photo

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The Insta-Famous One: Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Arguably the mini fridge that started it all! We've scrolled through Instagram high and low and have seen this Cooluli fridge plastered across so many beauty blogger feeds. Rather than storing sheet masks in your kitchen between your organic kale and almond milk, plug this mini fridge in at your bathroom counter. It will keep your products closer at hand for when you need them, and how cute is this spotted design?! ($60;

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Pink frigidaire mini fridge photo

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The Retro-Inspired One: Frigidaire Retro Mini Compact Refrigerator

If you're impatiently waiting for the highly anticipated season three of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel like we are, then you'll love and appreciate this retro-inspired beauty mini fridge. If there's anyone who could get behind a mini fridge, it's definitely your girl Midge, who takes her boutine routine as seriously, if not more, than her comedy. This skincare fridge would feel just at home with her as it will in your apartment. ($99;

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Blue PBteen mini fridge with viewing window photo

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The One You Used in College: PBdorm Retro Cooler

The last time you used a mini fridge was probably back in college when you were squished in a freshman dorm trying to maximize your space, so this mini fridge might look familiar to you. If you're lucky and still have one sitting in storage at mom and dad;s then it's finally time to repurpose! If you ended up re-selling the second you got an apartment with friends you're still in luck, shop brands like PBdorm that carry tons of cute mini fridges like this one here, that can meet your beauty fridge needs. ($139;

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Black eraser board front Chefman fridge photo

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The One for Keeping Notes: Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board Fridge

Need help remembering to take the dog to the groomers in the morning or want to leave a love note for bae? With this beauty mini fridge you can do both. If you're like us ,the bathroom is where we spend the majority of our time before heading out the door in the morning, and when in a hurry, we tend to forget things. This mini fridge has an eraser board front so when you reach for your jade roller in the morning, you can also read the note you left yourself the night before. ($39;

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Yellow retro-inspired RCA mini fridge photo

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The Biggest Steal: RCA Yellow Mini Fridge

As you've noticed, a beauty mini fridge averages around $100, and that makes it more of an investment piece for a lot of us. So when we came across this mini fridge steal that's still available at Nordstrom Rack, we knew we had to share the knowledge. At 40 percent off it's currently only $30! And let's face it, you just spent that on a mini jar of Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, so save money on a skincare fridge with this budget buy. Then take the money you saved to fill it with more beauty goods. ($30;

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Orange Uber Appliance mini fridge photo

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The One for Mixing Things Up: Uber Appliance Compact Refrigerator

Proper space is a major concern when you're scouting mini fridges. How many products are you looking to store and how will they fit in the fridge? If you're only using small jars and sheet masks, a smaller fridge should do the work, but if you have a lot of pump action serums, you're going to need more head room. That's why your best bet is this Uber Appliance mini fridge. It has a removable shelf so you get the best of both worlds and can figure out which layout works best for you. ($52;

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White temperature controlled Cooluli mini fridge photo

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The Temperature-Controlled One: Cooluli Concord Compact Cooler

We've experienced this with our own kitchen fridges: You place a liquid in the wrong part of the fridge, and next time you look it's frozen solid. Skip the worrying of accidentally storing your products at the wrong temp with this mini cooler that has a digital thermostat. Adjust it to your desired level of chill and rest easy at night knowing all of your products will all be at the coolness of your liking when your rise. ($150;

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Blue Galanz mini fridge photo

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The One for a Roommate Situation: Galanz Retro Mini Fridge

Counter-space is never more sacred than when you're sharing an apartment in the city with your best friends. Rather than start a fight the second you push aside their things to make way for your personal fridge, go in together on a stand-alone skincare fridge that you can all share. It will keep your counter-space open for when you're all taking turns in front of the mirror, your real fridge free for groceries, and your roommates skincare routine as amazing as yours. ($200;

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