The Best Sunscreen for Your Face That Won't Break You Out

With knowledge of the power of sun damage and the rise of anti-aging products, a daily dose of sunscreen is a must for anyone. While there are a vast number of sunscreens that do the essential job of sun protection, many can cause skin irritation, pore build-up, and breakouts if you're not careful.

Rather than slapping on whatever bottle you have leftover from last summer, we did some investigating to find you the best face sunscreens to keep your skin burn-, wrinkle-, and acne- free!

Best Face Sunscreen: Farmacy Beauty Environmental Sun Lotion photo

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Farmacy Green Screen Daily Environmental Mineral Sunscreen

Head out the door protected with this Farmacy sunscreen that forms an invisible shield of safety against UVA/UVB rays and blue light protection from your smartphones and computer screens. What makes this sunscreen especially great is its patented Echinacea GreenEnvy purpurea, which is a high concentration of phytochemical cichoric acid that helps promote an even, glowing complexion. This formula also guards against environmental pollution, so your skin will still glow healthily in the smoggiest places. ($36;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Juice Beauty sport sunscreen photo

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Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer

Maybe you start your days off with morning run—while we don't participate in those types of activities, we applaud your efforts and found you a sunscreen to keep up with your active lifestyle! This organic sunscreen by Juice Beauty is specifically designed to be water resistant for up to 80 minutes, so you're covered no matter how much you sweat. And it's not just a face sunscreen; this vitamin-rich organic fruit formula is good to use all over your body because acne and irritation isn't limited to just your face. ($16;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Sun Bum face lotion photo

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Sun Bum Face Lotion SPF 50

One of the biggest negatives we saw when doing our sunscreen research was reviewers dislike of thick formulas and white cast. Skip the time it takes to blend in the other formulas and reach for Sun Bum. It's designed for daily use, and knowing that time is a factor, Sun Bum's recipe blends instantly for sheer protection and leaves a matte finish. Now you can apply on the go without worrying you missed an unblended patch. ($13;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Drunk Elephant Broad Spectrum Sunscreen photo

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Drunk Elephant Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

We like to think of this Drunk Elephant sunscreen as a skincare product with an SPF perk. Though it is advertised as a sunscreen, and it does defend against harmful UVA/UVB along with free radicals and oxidative damage, it does wonders for your skin. This cream treats dark spots, fine lines, dullness, and uneven texture to soothe sensitive skin and improve its look over time. ($34;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Aveeno face sunscreen lotion photo

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Aveeno Protect Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion

If you're trying to save a couple bucks (after all you're about to go through at least a few bottles this summer) this drugstore sunscreen option can't be beat. This Aveeno sunscreen lotion protects and hydrates your facial skin with antioxidant oat and SPF 50. It won't clog your pores, and rather than feeling oily, your skin will feel soft and moisturized, killing two birds with one stone. ($8;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Coola Mineral Face Lotion photo

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Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Cucumber

Though the smell of sunscreen is fine at the beach, you might not want to be heading to the office with that scent. Coola's sunscreen has rose hip oil and notes of cucumber for a delightful sensory experience rather than flashbacks to Spring Break at Gulf Shores. Intended for daily use, this non-comedogenic lotion will keep your pores unclogged, and it mattifies oil-prone skin. ($36;

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Best Face Sunscreen: EltaMD broad-spectrum photo

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EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

Sometimes the best scent is none at all. For the ladies out there with sensitive noses, EltaMD has a broad spectrum, clear sunscreen that is fragrance-free. With a unique blend of sodium hyaluronate and lactic acid, this sunscreen moisturizes and refines pores for a clear, matte finish. It's even designed with a pump lid for the perfect application amount every time. ($33;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Blue Lizard face sunscreen lotion photo

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Blue Lizard Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Sometimes we get so in the moment having fun in the sun that we forget the dangers. As adults we no longer have our moms yelling at us to lather up and reapply, instead we have Blue Lizard sunscreen. When exposed to UV light this dermatologist recommended, antioxidant-rich sunscreen bottle changes from white to blue, a little hint giving you a heads up to slap on some sunscreen before your face turns red. ($13;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Neutrogena face sunblock photo

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Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock

Neutrogena is already a trusted household name for drugstore skin products, and its clear face sunscreen is one of the best on the market for sensitive skin. Oil-free and waterproof, this formula was clinically tested on acne-prone individuals. It is ultra-light, blends flawlessly, and won't cause future breakouts. ($11;

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Best Face Sunscreen: Supergoop! clear sunscreen photo

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Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

Hours in a pool sounds hydrating for your skin right? Not so much. In fact, hours in the sun and water can be strenuous, making you sweat out fluids. Fight dehydration with a full water bottle by your side and this moisturizing, oil-free sunscreen by Supergoop. It will help balance skin irritations and keep your skin protected so you can hang out poolside as long as you please. ($32;

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