6 Hair Products I Can't Live Without—All Under $30

I'm not a beauty editor, but I like to consider myself a haircare junkie. With a sister as a hairstylist and a thorough internet review reader myself, I get in on all the latest must-have as well as must-try products. After many years of sampling and buying different items, I've finally narrowed down my essentials to a group of six. If you're searching for the best everyday hair products, keep scrolling to discover my favorite hairspray, dry shampoo, and more.

MoroccanOil treatment oil, Aquage finishing spray, and MoroccanOil blow-dry concentrate
Moroccanoil treatment oil from Nordstrom photo

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Treatment Oil

Whether your hair is feeling dry or damaged, this hero product could be your all-in-one solution. It features argan oil to replenish strands with antioxidants and vitamin E, which help soften and protect hair from further breakage, making it a vital ingredient to restore and maintain healthy locks.

My take: My hairstylist sister recommended this treatment oil to help liven up my mane and now I can't go a day without using it. After shampooing and conditioning, I apply it to the ends of my towel-dried hair followed by blow-drying and styling. Post-curling I use another small amount on my ends to restore shine and softness. If I'm not washing my hair that day, I'll still massage a little from mid-length to ends and then brush through. Final point: Just like all MoroccanOil products, it smells so good. (from $15; nordstrom.com)

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MoroccanOil dry shampoo in dark tones from Nordstrom photo

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Dry Shampoo

All hail dry shampoo for salvaging what would otherwise be a bad hair day more times than we'd like to admit (no worries, it's a judgment-free zone here). Not all dry shampoos are created equal; so if you want one that'll get the job done right, reach for this version by MoroccanOil. It comes in light and dark tone options to suit all hair colors, smells absolutely amazing, and actually makes your hair feel refreshed and renewed.

My take: I've tried just about every brand of dry shampoo on the market and this one has all of them beat by a mile: from its quality formula to absorb excess oil to its heavenly scent. I toss my travel-size bottle in a gym bag to use post-workout and leave a full-size one on my vanity to apply on third-day hair when I don't have enough time (or energy) to wash it. (from $11; nordstrom.com)

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Beyond Shine heat protectant by Aquage from Ulta photo

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Heat Protectant

For those who frequently use heat-styling tools, heat protectants are crucial. Beyond Shine by Aquage not only protects hair from thermal damage, it also makes it feel silky-smooth and look radiant.

My take: A few Christmases ago, I received this product as a gift and after just one use it instantly became a life-long essential. I spray it on my blow-dried hair before using a curling or flat iron as well as post-styling to give it an extra boost of shine. ($20; ulta.com)

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Moroccanoil dry texture spray from Sephora photo

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Dry Texture Spray

It's hard to achieve long-lasting volume without a little help from texture spray. My pick: MoroccanOil dry texture spray. This product can be used for every hairstyle from teased updos and full-bodied braids to an effortless tousled look, allowing you to finally nail those saved tutorials you've been dying to try.

My take: About two months ago I decided to get bangs and needed something to help them stay piecey and maintain volume. I literally googled best texture spray, got my hands on this one, and now use it for so much more than just fringe. Depending on what look I'm going for, I'll either apply it (essentially as hairspray) on my bangs or go for the gusto by spraying it from roots to ends in several sections and thoroughly massage it in to give my hair some va-va-voom. (from $11; sephora.com)

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MoroccanOil blow-dry concentrate from Nordstrom photo

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Blow-Dry Concentrate

With the simple addition of this blow-dry concentrate, your hair styling routine can become quicker and results will look closer to a salon blowout than ever before. It features argan oil and natural antioxidants that help eliminate frizz to create smooth, bouncy tresses, leaving hair photo-ready without any further use of heat tools post blow-dry.

My take: This serum became a staple in my routine for two reasons: It leaves my hair frizz-free and makes it super-smooth without flat iron touch-ups, giving it a polished look in way less time. I apply about half of a pump to my ends, working it up to mid-length, and then blow-dry with a large barrel round brush. ($28; nordstrom.com)

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Finishing spray by Aquage from Ulta photo

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Finishing Spray

If you've made the switch from drugstore to salon-quality hairspray, you can vouch for the fact there's a distinct difference between the two. Unlike sticky drugstore hairspray that leaves a cringe-worthy texture, this finishing spray feels smooth on hair while maintaining a strong hold.

My take: When I was younger I completely refused to use hairspray because I hated how gross it made my hair feel and the regrettable weight it added to my styled locks. Once I discovered this finishing spray by Aquage five years ago, I was finally able to keep my curls in place all day long minus the unpleasant coating and have been loyal ever since. ($22; ulta.com)

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