These Setting Sprays Keep Makeup in Place on Every Complexion

When it comes to setting sprays, there's no shortage of options try. From finishing sprays that are chock full of natural ingredients to skin mists that give you a dewy glow in seconds, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products. No matter your skin type or skin concern, incorporating a settings spray into your routine helps make your makeup last longer and keeps you flawless all day long. Not sure which finishing mist works best for you? Luckily for you, we've got you covered with the best setting spray for 10 different complexions and budgets.

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Best for Oily Skin: Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

Summer is around the corner, and that means the heat will be in full force, and so will your oil production. Kick oily skin to the curb and keep your complexion shine-free with Milani Make It Last Setting Spray. For less than $10, this drugstore setting spray works as a primer, corrector, and setter, so you can use it before makeup application and/or after. Milani claims it makes makeup last up to 16 hours. "I have oily skin and live in Texas so it's not easy to wear makeup in summer (or anytime, really) but this setting spray keeps my makeup in place, no matter what I'm doing," one satisfied customer wrote on Influenster. Shine be damned! ($10;

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Best Setting Sprays L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender photo

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Best Drugstore Setting Spray: L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender

With makeup extender right in the name, this drugstore setting spray gives your makeup extra staying power. Part of L'Oreal's Infallible collection, this affordable option proves you don't need to spend a fortune to give you complexion products ultimate staying power. This bad boy guarantees no cracking, fading or running with just a couple of spritz. Apply over your skin and watch as your makeup stays looking fresh with less touch-ups. Just ask this Ulta reviewer whose makeup survived a walk-to-work disaster:

"A few days ago i was walking in the wind and rain, with an umbrella of course, but Mother Nature thought it would be a fantastic idea to slap me in the face with a wet leaf," the reviewer writes. "I had a presentation in 15 minutes, and I was sure my make-up would be ruined, but no. I was still flawless. Mother Nature's got nothing on this spray." ($17;

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Best Setting Spray Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray photo

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Best Setting Spray for a Matte Look: Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray

Tired of that mid-day shine around your T-zone? Well, this product from Cover FX is a true savior for oil-prone or shiny skin. The setting powder seals down your makeup, while giving your complexion a matte finish. Its vegan, alcohol-free formula helps control excess oil, ultimately increasing the longevity of your look. In fact, one Sephora shopper claims with the setting spray, "my makeup lasted all day and I never looked oily or shiny even on a 90 degree day." ($31;

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Best Setting Spray Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist photo

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Best Setting Spray for a Dewy Look: Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Crave dewiness and hydration? Luckily, this cult-favorite product from Tatcha can do both. Loved by beauty gurus such as Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights, this mist adds a boost of hydration to the skin to achieve a luminous, glowing appearance. Infused with Japanese anti-aging superfoods—green tea, rice and algae— the spray penetrates right into the skin making it feel more supple and look younger. Use it after applying makeup for that beauty influencer glow or apply it as a setting spray post-makeup to moisturize and prevent caking without smudging. What's not to love? ($48;

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Best for Dry Skin Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray photo

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Best for Dry Skin: Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray

When it comes to finding the best setting spray for dry skin, the key is hydration. Formulated with a complex that boosts oxygenation, this Make Up For Ever setting spray is designed to restore and hydrate lackluster skin by increasing the available oxygen. Thanks to its alcohol-free formula (a common culprit behind dry skin), this face mist quenches skin for a radiant glow. According to research, the setting spray increased hydration by 40 percent after two hours and subjects found the mist extended makeup for 12 hours of wear. ($30;

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Best Natural Setting Spray Jane Iredale Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray photo

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Best Natural Setting Spray: Jane Iredale Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray

If you're looking for a product that helps balance your skin's oil production and pH level, look no further than Jane Iredale Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray. This natural, organic setting spray—infused with orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract—adds a dose of much-needed hydration to revitalize dull, lackluster skin without leaving heavy residue behind. ($33;

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Best for Sensitive Skin Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray photo

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Best for Sensitive Skin: Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray

If you have sensitive skin, it's important to stay clear of irritating ingredients that may be found in some beauty products. From synthetic fragrances that cause inflammation to moisture-depleting ethanol alcohol, these harsh additives can easily trigger a skin flare-up. Luckily, this setting spray from Boscia takes out the guesswork of buying products that won't cause a reaction. Formulated with Binchotan white charcoal, it prevents that dreaded sheen we hate from warm weather, detoxifies the pores, and replenishes moisture. Best of all, the setting spray has Sephora's clean beauty seal, which indicates it's free of parabens and formaldehyde, among other harsh ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin types. ($38;

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Best Setting Spray with SPF Coola Classic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray photo

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Best Setting Spray with SPF: Coola Classic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray

When we talk about SPF, the first thing that comes to mind is creamy sunscreen. However, you can also get your daily sun protection into your makeup routine by adding this setting spray with SPF. Treat your skin to a weightless, airbrush-like finish that locks your products into place while broad spectrum SPF 30 protection acts like a shield against UVB rays that can cause sunburns and contribute to skin cancer. Like sunscreen, we recommend spritzing this skin mist 15 minutes before going into the sun for more protection. As a bonus the Coola setting spray formula has cucumber and aloe vera extracts that help soothe your skin. ($36;

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Best Splurge-Worthy Setting Spray Caudalie Beauty Elixir photo

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Best Splurge-Worthy Setting Spray: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Described as the "ultimate spa in a bottle," this setting spray is formulated with radiance-boosting ingredients that aim to fight all traces of dull skin and add a photo-ready finish to your complexion. Fun tip: Thanks to the essential oils of mint, rose, and rosemary, this setting spray can also be used as a diffuser to revive your surroundings with a soothing fragrance. While it's arguably on the steeper side, ringing in at almost $50, it's a real multitasker. It even doubles as aftershave for men. Now, your beau can also join in on the fun on #selfcaresundays! ($49;

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Best All-Around Setting Spray Urban Decay All Nighter photo

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Best All-Around Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter

As far a setting sprays go, the Urban Decay All Nighter is at the top of our list. The holy grail finishing spray uses patented temperature control technology that lowers the temperature of your makeup to allow all your complexion products—foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc.—to better adhere to the skin. With up to 16 hours of wear, this skin mist prevents makeup from melting (yeah, not a cute look!) no matter how high the humidity or temperature conditions. Urban Decay's iconic setting spray has 450,000 loves on Sephora for a reason! ($32;

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