This Top-Rated Scalp Massager Finally Got My Dry Skin Under Control

Dry skin is one of the worst parts of winter, and when that started to affect my scalp, I took matters into my own hands—literally. I needed to get to the root of the problem, so I decided to give this top-rated shampoo brush a try, and like 1,500 other customers, I also give it five stars.

Blonde woman with fingers in hair

Heeta Shampoo Brush

The first step in healing my flakey scalp was to determine the cause. I needed to find out if I had dandruff or if it was dry skin (yes, there's actually a difference). After realizing it wasn't a fungal problem and merely one of the awful side effects of Midwest winters, I started looking for a solution.

I tried a couple moisturizing shampoos, which were great for hydrating my locks, but they didn't decrease flakiness because they weren't actually treating my scalp. I had friends tell me they started using shampoo brushes, which admittedly, I thought sounded ridiculous. However, after seeing thousands of positive reviews on the Heeta Scalp Massager, I decided to give it a try; afterall, it was only $6...and then my life changed.

Okay, I realize that sounds dramatic, but it's true. After the first wash I was hooked. I loved how the silicone bristles buffed away dead skin while massaging my scalp, and it didn't tangle my tresses or catch like I expected. For a brief five minutes, I felt transported to a salon instead of my apartment's shower.

Since I started using it a month ago, I've noticed the flakes diminish, and a surprising decrease in hair loss, too. Before, I would pull chunks out while shampooing (thanks, thyroid problems), but now, that issue is practically nonexistent. Don't get me wrong, I still shed and find wayward strands like a normal human, but my hair looks thicker and fuller thanks to the extra scalp stimulation from this brush, which can also help promote hair growth.

This brush isn't just for shampooing either; I grab it when applying a scalp treatment and combing through conditioner. It helps get a deeper clean and doesn't scratch my scalp like my fingernails can. It's more versatile than I expected, and definitely one of my top beauty tools. I even pack it for weekend getaways, because I know it'll keep my hair looking healthy and clean everywhere I go.

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