5 Nail Polish Color Combos to Help You Primp and Prep For Spring

Freshen up your look with some spring-inspired nail polish color combinations for your best manicured nails and pedicured toes yet. Including bright pinks, pretty pastels, and clean neutrals, there's a color set for all preferences.

Two Nails Inc. pink nail polishes from Sephora photo

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Pink Dream

Shine the spotlight on your nails with this classic and bold color combination from Nails Inc. We're seeing a lot of bright pinks this season, and there's no better way to incorporate this trend into your look than to spruce up your nails. Show off your polished toes with the bright hot pink color named Regents Park. It pairs perfectly with beachy sandals and peep-toe pumps. While the bubble gum pink polish, Candy Pink, feels as versatile as a classic neutral color but with a bit more flare. (From $11; sephora.com)

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Two hands holding peach and blue nail polish from Olive and June photo

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Pretty Pastels

Go for a sweet cotton candy look this spring with light blue and peach polishes from Olive and June. This darling pastel combination will add a touch of color to your look without distracting from the rest of your ensemble. The pastel peach color, named BI, is a flawless choice for the perfect manicure. Pair it with the light blue BP shade for an unexpected pastel color twist. ($8; oliveandjune.com)

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Two Chanel pink nail polishes from Nordstrom photo

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Clean & Neutral

Switch up your go-to neutral colors for these pale beauties. The lighter pink Ballerina hue gives your nails a soft and clean look as one of the most universally flattering nail polishes. While the darker neutral pink shade, named Daydream, provides a more dramatic contrast. ($28; nordstrom.com)

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Two purple Expressie nail polishes from Target photo

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Lavender Love

Treat yourself to an extensive at home mani-pedi with these bright and bold spring colors. Wear both colors, Crave The Chaos and In The Time Zone, on your hands for a playful and feminine aesthetic. And with Essie's new quick drying formula, you can get the colors you love with the convenience you crave. ($9; target.com)

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Two mint and green OPI nail polishes from Target photo

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Coral & Mint

Looking for a more daring style? Opt for a cute mint and coral combination to spice things up. The mint color, That's Hula-Larious, is a sweet and subtle, pastel shade while the coral hue, Crawfishin For A Compliment, provides a louder look that still feels perfectly in contrast. ($9; target.com)

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