Le Mieux Skin Care

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Le Mieux
$30.00 $26.94

Features freeze-dried marine collagen, potent peptides, botanical extracts, and the most stable form of Vitamin C Magnesium Ascorb...yl PhosphateHydrate, brighten, firm, and lift sagging skinWrinkles will noticeably disappear li read more

Le Mieux
$65.00 $52.00

This nourishing cream promotes firmness, resiliency, and hydration for up to 24 hours. Enriched with essential vitamins, anti-agin...g peptides, and soothing botanical extracts to help protect skin from irritation caused by dryness. Targeted toward more... read more

Le Mieux
$85.00 $67.89

Concentrated, creamy serum is a potent blend of 4 skin-contouring peptides, water-loving hyaluronic acid, nourishing ceramides, an...d marine algae extract. Helps improve the appearance of sagging facial contours, while sealing in lasting moisture.... read more

Le Mieux
$24.00 $17.00

A luxurious, peptide-enriched facial souffle that gently penetrates the outer layer of delicate face and neck area.

Le Mieux

This refreshing, serum-infused mask soothes and hydrates dry, sensitive, and stressed skin.

Le Mieux
$16.97 $16.95

This cleanser helps eradicate blemishes and inhibit new breakouts by eliminating excess oil and removing dead skin cells.

Le Mieux

This refreshing, brightening exfoliant resurfaces the skin for faster and more effective penetration of nutrients.

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