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"Thermafuse F450 smooth balance condition maintain the "smooth" and condition of amino fusion smoothing treatment with this luxuri...ous and nutritive formula. Smooth balance condition fortifies the cuticle with essential amino acids and humectants to... read more


Tangle-prone hair? ThermaFuse it - with an infusion of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of keratin, your hair s pr...otein. Thermafuse Thermacare Leave-In Condition nourishes hair from within, improving its strength and elasticity. Spray... read more


A hydrating shampoo & Conditioner that works independently to bring essential moisture to parched hair through a special blend of ...moisture-rich proteins. Helps to provide renewed strength, turning dry hair into revitalized hair. read more


-ANTI DANDRUFF CONDITIONER: If you suffer from dry scalp or annoying flakes take care of the issue with Thermafuse Thermadan Condi...tioner. The botanical ingredients in this product are proven to build health and body into your hair and soothe the itch and flakes associated with dandruff. Keep your hair healthy and flake free with this daily use conditioner.-ANTI ITCH FORMULA: Not only is the Thermafuse Thermadan formula great for getting rid of dry scalp and and dandruff flakes but it focuses on the health of the scalp to stop the itching. Menthol and other natural ingredients moisturize and help to heal the scalp stopping itching at its source. The soothing and calming formula is provides instant relief.-PROMOTES SCALP HEALTH: By infusing this formulation with therapeutic herbs and proteins rebuild the hair and helps to heal the itchy scalp at the root. The repairative formula helps balance moisture in the scalp, stop the itching as well has control the flakes.-FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you have thick, thin, fine, medium, coarse, natural or curly hair you may have issues with dandruff or flakes. The thermadan formula is safe for all hair types and is gentle enough for daily use to control dry itchy scalp, flakes or dandruff.-FRESH, CLEAN, FRAGRANCE: Dandruff shampoos and conditioners can sometime carry unwanted medicated odors, Thermafuse Thermadan will leave you feeling fresh and clean with no flakes or itch with every use. Rosemary Mint – spicy peppermint adds an energetic twist to eucalyptus, rosemary, water mint, sugar cane and just a hint of garden greens. read more


Volume Sulfate-Free Shampoo is a wake-up call to tired-Apply to wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary-Use daily to build... thicker,-Oluminous hair. Follow with Thermafuse Volume Condition. read more

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-Ideal For Use Post Smoothing Treatment: Thermafuse f450 Smooth Balance Conditioner is specifically formulated to extend the life ...of your in salon smoothing service. Containing no Sodium Chloride or any other stripping ingredients the would compromise you expensive in salon services.-Color Safe Formula: Lock in your color and preserve your vibrant salon color with Thermafuse Smooth Balance Conditioner. The formula creates a barrier against humidity and protects hair from UVA and UVB rayes that dull and fade color.-Smoothes and Moisturizes all Hair Types: The rich and luxurious formula provides moisture and nutrients to make your feel supple and soft while controlling frizz. The pH balanced formula closes the hairs cuticle to gives ample shine and luster to damaged, over processed, colored, coarse, fines, thin, thick or brittle hair types. Safe for natural and African hair as well.-Repairs, Protects and Seals: Amino Acids target damage with Thermafuse Cuticle Fusion Complex repairing the damage in your hair. This Complex in combination with other ingredients increase your protection against heat by 20%. With the repaired damage your hair cuticle is sealed down for added luster and shine.-Certified Organic Essential Oils: Thermafuse f450 Smooth Balance Condition contains the Thermafuse Proprietary HeatSmart Complex with which a combination of Certified Organic Argan, Acai and Flaxseed Oil. Your hair will never be softer and safer from heat then with regular use of this conditioner. read more

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-Thermafuse F450 smooth balance condition 10 oz-A light blend of blue agave & citrus with a hint of vanilla-Smoothens and seals th...e cuticle to lock vital moisture into hair while repelling humidity and environ read more


-SULPHATE FREE FORMULA: a gentle sulfate free formula is a must to preserving your hair color. Thermafuse Color Care Shampoo is a ...gentle cleanser that preserves color and will not strip your hair and scalp of needed moisture and oil. Use with pH balanced Thermafuse Color Care Conditioner on all colored, thin, fine, natural, curly, coarse, thick. short, medium or long hair types.-IDEAL FOR RED AND BRUNETTES: Red and Brunette hair colors are most difficult to keep safe. Thermafuse Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner were designed with these colors in mind. Also if you have a high percentage of grey and you are resistant to color this is the perfect combination for your needs. If you have fine, thin, curly coarse, damaged, normal or any other hair type.-PROTECTS AGAINST COLOR FADING UV RAYS: Thermafuse Color Care Shampoo and Condition have a proprietary complex of botanicals specifically designed to protect your hair from environmental damage and UV rays. This color protecting formula helps keep both UVA and UVB from fading your vibrant red or making your blonde yellow. Make sure your color is safe from the sun!-SEAL AND SHINE: Sealing the hair cuticle is the key to shine and color vibrancy. Brilliance and vibrancy are restored with this unique blend of marine botanicals to ensure the cuticle and hair are protected and sealed while adding moisture and body for maximum shine.-DETANGLES: Make detangling a breeze! Hair that has been chemically processed sometime can be a little harder to detangle and it’s condition may be compromised. Heal your hair and glide a comb through it easily by using Color Care Conditioner after every shampoo. read more

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So long, itchy scalp and annoying flakes. And welcome to touchable, healthy hair. One minute is all it takes to restore your hair its natural, dandruff-free appearance. Aaahh! read more

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