10 Zodiac Beauty Products For The Caring Cancer Sign

The sign of Cancer is the Brave Crab, fitting for their tenacious and loyal attitudes. Belonging to the element of water, you ladies are guided by emotion and your heart, making you stand out in the sea. Your beauty routine is inspired by your cool water roots with soothing blues and pearly pinks, so we've pulled nine zodiac beauty products made for the Cancer sign in mind.

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muted mauve satin finish lipstick photo

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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Cancer

There's nothing wrong with being guided by emotion. This Bite Beauty moisturizing lipstick was designed specifically with you Cancer sign ladies in mind. It's a neutral pink shade for a mix of safe-but-sexy that's right at home for the nurturing and caring Cancer. Wear this lip all day long from home, to work, to play! ($26; sephora.com)

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Julep Zodiac Collection Nail Polish in Cancer Sign

Shimmering like the waters of the ocean, this serene, pistachio nail color from Julep's Zodiac Collection is soothing like your Cancer sign. This hue is calming like your sensitive and nurturing personality while remaining bold with a glistening iridescent finish. ($14; julep.com)

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Demeter Fragrance in Cancer

You feel safest when you're emotionally stable—be that financially, spiritually, or emotionally with your close friends and family. These characteristics are what inspired Demeter to create a scent to keep the wearer feeling comforted and secure. This talisman toilette spray is a blend of burl wood, black davana, Ugandan vanilla bean, and Ylang Ylang that will calm and soothe the wearer, making you feel safe at home. ($40; demeterfragrance.com)

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NCLA What's Your Sign? Nail Polish In Cancer Lacquer

For the comforting Cancer sign, having a slight twist on a great day-to-day neutral shade helps you ladies stay feeling in control, without being boring. NCLA's high-shine and 100 percent vegan nail polish created an impeccably perfect Cancer shade in a creamy white with a hint of iridescent glitter that's as soothing as light reflecting on open water. ($18; revolve.com)

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Fresh Zodiac Oval Soap In Cancer

Your sign belongs to the element of water, so obviously some Cancer-oriented bath products are a must! This Fresh Cancer Oval Soap is filled with moisturizing shea butter and contains an aroma of exciting citrus that will awaken your senses. Superb for the bold crab, this scent will refresh and clear your head any time your emotions start to boil over after a trying day. ($15; fresh.com)

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Floss Gloss Zodiac Collection Nail Polish Trio In Cancer

Just like the reflections in the sea and your ever-changing emotions, deciding on one color for you Cancer sign just doesn't seem fitting for you ladies! Instead, Floss Gloss came up with a solution: Instead of just one nail color, it has a trio of soft shades to calm your senses while remaining playful. Wear them separately or together depending on your mood! ($25; flossgloss.com)

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NYX In Your Element Shadow Palette In Water

Dive on in to this water element perfection palette by NYX. We previously wrote about this gorgeous blue hued eyeshadow palette for your fellow water sign Pisces, and now you can get in on it too! This rich, 12-shade palette ranges from soft to bold and matte to shimmer! But best of all it's now on sale. Consider it meant to be. ($24; nyxcosmetics.com)

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Zodiac Soap In Tin In Cancer

Cancer signs love to be near and around water, whether it's in the great outdoors or in their own home! After a long day surrounded with the ones you love—be that your friends, family, or even coworkers—it's good to take some "me" time. As you treat yourself to a warm bath, add this luxurious shea butter soap that's scented with your Cancer sign in mind. Plus it comes in a cute tin themed to your zodiac for you to keep even after all the bubbles are gone. ($10.99; predeprovence.com)

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makeup brushes and makeup bag decorated with stars and constellations photo

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Spectrum Water Brush Set

We've shared some dazzling zodiac beauty product options, now it's time to find tools to apply it all. Share your elemental love with your fellow water devoted signs, Pisces and Scorpio, with this attractively decorated constellation case and brush set. Your makeup will look out of this world and you can pair this with the previously mentioned NYX palette to emphasize your water home. ($64.99; spectrumcollections.com)

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Spongelle Zodiac Collection In Water

This two-in-one shower product from Spongelle's Zodiac Collection will turn your daily routine into an enlightening ritual. This Zodiac Buffer has a built-in body wash that delivers a rich, cleansing lather that exfoliates and massages your skin. It comes in the scent lotus bloom that will ease your mind and heal any disruptions to your inner peace. ($20; spongelle.com)

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