10 Zodiac Beauty Products For The Imaginative Pisces Sign

The artistic Pisces sign often loves to play with makeup. Thankfully, these zodiac beauty products are made specifically for Pisces ladies to show off their emotional, creative, free spirits. And because you're the friendly ones of the zodiac, you'll probably also be buying them for all your fellow Pisces friends, too. After all, you're so intutive, you know exactly what your friends want. From oceany blue eyeshadows to scents meant to evoke the lapping waves, these 10 beauty products were literally designed for our favorite fishy sign.


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Fresh Zodiac Sign Oval Soap in Pisces

Fresh really knows how to make our little beauty-obsessed hearts flutter. This super sweet packaging with coordinating semi-precious stone, the soap with moisturizing shea butter, and it's made especially for our zodiac sign with the help from astrology icon Susan Miller? Love. The Pisces women can truly indulge their water sign in the bath and shower with this soap that smells of (of course) waterlily. You're going to be sitting in the tub until your fingers get all pruney. ($15; sephora.com)

embrace your water sign with this soap

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BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Pisces

If you don't know about the beauty release heard 'round the world, BITE Beauty announced it was dropping zodiac-based lipsticks every month in 2018 to coordinate with each sign. Luckily for the Pisces sign, it's up second in the calendar this year so you get to get your hands on it early... if you can get your hands on it at all. Sign up for restock notifications because these little lipsticks are selling out in hours, not weeks. The Pisces lipstick is a pitch-perfect peach shade that's designed to capture the sign's creative side. ($25; sephora.com)

get this pisces lipstick color

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Demeter Fragrance in Pisces

Your favorite affordable fragrance brand of course is coming through in the clutch with a Pisces sign perfume. So, what does a Pisces smell like? According to Demeter, it's a mix of lime, teak, vetiver, and verbena. The fragrance is supposed to evoke the "warm caress from a gently lapping wave at the shoreline," and frankly, that sounds so summery beautiful for a winter sign. ($36; demeterfragrance.com)

show off your pisces love with this fragrance

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Julep Zodiac Nail Polish In Pisces

Let your nails be an ode to your astrological sign with Julep's zodiac nail polish. Rather than going too obvious with a blue for this water sign, Julep took inspiration from the sunset over the ocean in this shimmering shade. Of course the color is as creative as Pisces signs themselves. ($14; QVC.com)

show off your pisces love with nail polish

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Spectrum Star Struck Water Brush Set

These zodiac makeup brushes are straight-up stunning. Pisces may have to share with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, but trust us, there's enough galactic beauty to go around. The makeup brush pouch is adorned with each sign's costellation in gold, and the brushes are decorated with gold stars. Basically, we are starry eyed. ($64.99; spectrumcollections.com)

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NYX In Your Element Shadow Palette in Water

These dreamy blues are perfect shadows for the Pisces sign. NYX's In Your Element collection pays homage to the elements, not specifically the zodiac, but water signs will find a lot to love. On the days Pisces signs are feeling bold and creative, they can swipe on the bright indigo in the bottom left, or they get turn to their softer, meditative side with one of the blues as light as air. ($30; nyxcosmetics.com)

get in your element with nyx

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Zodica Perfumery Twist & Spritz Travel Perfume in Pisces

Zodica Perfumery is dedicated to evoking the essence of each astrological sign. In this classic, chic bottle, you can spritz on a scent with the vibe of "dream." (Which just happens to be one of our favorite old school Gap scents.) The perfume has notes of cyclamen, bergamot, neroli, cucumber, meyer lemon, pear, and musk, but you'll be too busy daydreaming to remember all that. ($29; qvc.com)

this zodiac perfume was made for you

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Makeup Revolution My Sign Complete Eye Base Pisces

Loving how this Pisces sign eye makeup doesn't go too literal. Pisces women are artistic, and these bold shades really capture that spirit. The wheel includes primer, shade, brow, and illuminate, and the whole thing is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Plus, for the price, it's a steal! ($8.99; tambeauty.com)

get this pisces eyeshadow wheel

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NCLA What's Your Sign? Pisces

NCLA also thinks of a vibrant green when it thinks of the Pisces sign, and we love it. This rich emerald color has a metallic finish that's sure to stand out when you're hosting your next get-together. The fresh color totally reminds us off the free spirited energy of our favorite fishy sign. ($18; revolve.com)

pisces signs will love this nail polish

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Savon Zodiaque Collection Pisces Sign Soap In Tin

This soap is more of a piece of art than just a beauty product. The shea butter-enriched soaps are packaged in colorful tins designed by illustrator Leslie Cober-Gentry. The soap itself is also fragranced to appeal to each individual zodiac sign. Pisces soaps are a sweet citrus, meant to correspond to the sign's intuitive nature. ($10.49; predeprovance.com)

this soap tin is insanely cute

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