Demeter Zodiac Perfume

The perfume masters at family-owned Demeter believe that hold carry special memories and emotional responses within. That's why they hand-finish each batch of fragrances to elicit happiness and nostalgia, and they encourage you to choose an aroma that feels like an expression of your self. Here, twelve unisex, layerable fragrances are blended to highlight the strengths and energies of the wearer's zodiac sign. Aries: a mix of jacaranda, frankincense, amber, and berge strengths and energies of the wearer's zodiac sign. Aries: a mix of jacaranda, frankincense, amber, and bergamot encourages the independent Aries to find adventure in every corner (WOODSY)Taurus: a robust blend of black musk, cedar wood, pine, and lemon appeals to the both the pleasure-seeking and grounded sides of the steadfast Taurus. (WOODSY)Gemini: a dynamic formula of vetiver, cyclamen, and cardamom is designed to be the intrepid Gemini's versatile go-to scent. (WOODSY)Cancer: ylang ylang, black davana, vanilla bean, and burlwood envelops the compassionate Cancer in warm, comforting tones. (SPICE)Leo: a mix of myrrh, teakwood, black pepper and bitter orange appeals to the magnetic Leo's social side and invites admiration from those around her. (SPICE)Virgo: a clean blend of musk, cardamom, petit grain, and pepper birch remind the hardworking Virgo to live in the moment. (SPICE)Libra: a balanced blend of yuzu, clove, and anise transports the gracious Libra to a place of comfort by recalling the warmth of good company. (WOODSY)Scorpio: lemon, bergamot, musk, and vanilla-scented resin prompts the passionate Scorpio to take a more light-hearted approach to life and love. (WOODSY)Sagittarius: a spirited mix of ghost flower, laurel leaves, saffron, and amber gives the adventurous Sagittarius permission to open up her heart and mind. (WOODSY)Capricorn: champaca flowers, clary sage, cardamom, and cassia bark combine to encourage the ambitious Capricorn to revel in the excitement of the future. (SPICE)Aquarius: a blend of neroli, violets, cedar, and oud provide the energetic Aquarius with a feeling of open space. (WOODSY)Pisces: lime, teak, vetiver, and verbena remind the artistic Pisces to make time for daydreaming. (FLORAL) read more

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