Essential Basic

Essential Basic Women Ankle Length Seamless Fleece Lined Leggings - Jr - Plus Sizes

Essential Basic easy to wear seamless leggings. Depending on your size the material becomes more sheer. Best intended use is for layering. The leggings may seem small right out of the package, but once worn, they will stretch to fit within the size parameters provided above. As labeled on our description, our leggings are seamless. However, like any other piece of clothing, there are what appear to be seams bringing the whole piece together hidden in the inner side ece of clothing, there are what appear to be seams bringing the whole piece together hidden in the inner side of the legs, those are actually not seams, but where the legging fabric was fused together to hold. The front and back of the leggings have no stitching to keep a smooth surface and comfortable fit. Leggings are a type of skin-tight garment that covers the legs and may be worn by children, men and women. Formerly, leggings were two separate garments, one for each leg. Modern leggings are typically made from a blend of Lycra (aka spandex), nylon, cotton, or polyester blend, but they can also be made from wool, silk and other materials. Leggings are available in a multitude of colors and decorative designs. Leggings are sometimes worn fully exposed, but are more traditionally worn partially covered by a garment such as a skirt, a large t-shirt, shorts, or fully covered by an outer garment, such as a full length skirt. Leggings are typically ankle-length, and some are stirrupped or encase the feet. Some are shorter. Leggings are worn to keep a person's legs warm, as protection from chafing during an activity such as exercise, or as a decorative or fashion garment. Leggings are worn by both men and women during exercise but usually only by women at other times. In contemporary usage, leggings refers to tight, form-fitting trousers that extend from the waist to the ankles. In the United States, they are sometimes referred to as tights. However, the two words are not synonymous as the word tights refers to opaque pantyhose. read more

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