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Baja Sport Top

Hi welcome to my page!!! Every piece is handmade and created by me (Christina)!! I love bikinis and hope you love these as well. Here is a little info about how to order and if you have any questions please send me a message! 1 EVERYTHING IS MADE TO ORDER This means your piece is custom to your liking and what you choose which is why in most cases RETURNS are not accepted. 2 SHIPPING TURN AROUND Processing takes at least 2 weeks and another 23 business days to get te not accepted. 2 SHIPPING TURN AROUND Processing takes at least 2 weeks and another 23 business days to get to you. Sometimes orders may only take a week but most of the time they do take 2 weeks! RUSHED ORDERS Rushed orders may be approved ONLY, because I can only take in so many rushed orders. Cost will depend on how rushed you need it. It starts at 1825. You are more than welcome if you dont want to pay for this cost to put in the date you need to receive by (not your travel dates) and I will do my best to make it happen but dont guarantee it. 3 EMAILS, MESSAGES, DMS I get over 30 of these a day sometimes more. If you give me any information in the messages before orders like color choices, measurements etc. I will always advise you to put this information in your ORDER NOTES. If you do not, I will not be referring back to any emails or messages which is why its IMPORTANT to put anything regarding your order in the ORDER NOTES at check out. If you miss this step I can not accept a return for it under any circumstance. I will ALWAYS advice you to put information in your order notes. 4 HOW TO MAKE A CUSTOM PIECE? I have now made ordering your piece even easier! 1. PICK YOUR STYLE 2. PICK ONE COLOR OR PIRNT 3. NOW YOU NEED TO ADD THE REVERSIBLE BIKINI LISTING 1 for every piece you want to make reversible. If you dont pick up this listing I will choose all reverse sides. If you pick olive and dont pick up the reverse the other side will be olive as well to make a solid top. If you pick orange leaf and dont pick up a 1 listing then your reverse color is pre selected. 4. PICK IF YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR YOUR TOP OR BOTTOM 5. NOW PICK YOUR BOTTOM OR TOPS REVERSE Now that you have done all that, dont forget there are order notes if you feel uneasy about it. This is and example of how you would write it in your order notes MALIBU TOP BLACK REVERSE FIGI BAJA BOTTOMS BLACK AND REVERSE FIGI Straps will always be a solid color unless other wise specified 5 SIZINGSizing is extremely easy! ALWAYS CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS! If you fail to contact me about sizing and it is a wrong size a return will not be accepted. If you contact me and send me measurements and its still wrong, a size exchange will be accepted. TOPS tops are easy as long as you know your bra size. I do not accept measurements for tops because its the most inaccurate way to create a top. You need to know your bra size. BOTTOMS measurements are accepted in the notes portion of your order. You do not have to send measurements to create an order! Sizing goes by U.S SIZES 0012. I do not accept any other sizing comparisons for example SIZES 2332. Once you know this, you pick your size in the drop down. Many time girls do not wear there jeans size in bikini bottoms, for example some girls are a size 0 and wear SMALL BOTTOMS. Sometimes girls are a size 6 and wear large bottoms. My sizing is true to size, so you will want to pick the bikini size your normally wear closest matching to your number size in jeans. MANY TIMES girls order up because they dont like pinching in there bottoms, however these bottoms DO NOT have elastic so there shouldnt be any pinching! PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR ALL OTHER QUESTIONS :) Once your tracking goes out do not wait more than 24hours to contact me if it has not updated online! INSTAGRAM LIVEWIREBIKINIS read more

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