3 Pack of Womens Silky Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, 15 Denier, Invisible Effect Nude Hosiery, Durable, Medium

SUPER SILKY PANTYHOSE – SMOOTH WITH FELICITY VELVET TOUCH TECHNOLOGY: Our nude hosiery is super soft and comfortable.  New Italian fiber technology allows for outstanding durability! It is not easy to get a run in these, and they are not as delicate as 15 denier nylon pantyhose usually is.  Available sizes are Small, Medium, Large as per attached size chartBEST SHEER TO WAIST HOSIERY: Sheer until waistband. Experience the comfort of our relaxed fit, wide waistband. EST SHEER TO WAIST HOSIERY: Sheer until waistband. Experience the comfort of our relaxed fit, wide waistband.  Enlarged widened waistband ensures removes the ‘muffin top’ effect.  While these are not control top, they DO achieve the effect of holding in lower abdomen slightly better as the wide waistband achieves this. Reinforced gussetLONG-LASTING – STOP BUYING CHEAP QUALITY BRANDS!  - unlike most transparent pantyhose in the market, ours will get you several more washings than your used to. They do LAST longer if you take care of them by hand washing them appropriately as you would other nylon hosiery.. Get the most value out of your nude hosiery by buying Felicity Pantyhose which lasts longer than all others that we tested!GREAT FOR SMOOTHING OUT IMPERFECTIONS ON LEGS -  MATTE EFFECT: Smooths legs and are transparent color for those who are the Honey pantyhose color. Nobody will be able to see you are wearing pantyhose and they make your skin look AMAZING! No shine - matte transparent see through pantyhose. 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane.UNIQUE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – LIMITED TIME OFFER – MUST READ FOR DISCOUNT: If you are not sure if our sheer pantyhose is for you but want to try them out, you can order 1 unit from us for 20% off the list price. USE CODE: CTHRU20If you do not like them, you will receive a full product refund.If you do, you will receive a promotion code to purchase our popular 3 or 6 packs at a sharp discount. Find out by buying ONE. No hassle money back guarantee read more

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