6 Zodiac Gift Ideas for the Aquarius in Your Life

When it comes to presents, the Aquarius (born between January 20 and February 19) will appreciate gifts that speak to their unique selves. Intelligent, rebellious, and imaginative, here are some gift ideas to help you shop for this Uranus-ruled sign.

Zodiac soap. Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette, and zodiac self-care book
Aquarius self-care book from Amazon photo

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Zodiac Self-Care Book

Regardless if they're a horoscope enthusiast or new to astrology, any Aquarius can find some interesting information from this self-care book. Author and astrologist, Constance Stellas, drew inspiration from her 25 years of experience studying the science of the stars to create this helpful zodiac guide. Gift them the hardcover version, or if you need a last-minute gift idea, the audiobook would arrive instantly in their email. (from $10; amazon.com)

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Blue Huda Beauty Obsessions eyeshadow palette from Sephora photo

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Huda Beauty Sapphire Eyeshadow Palette

With nearly 3,000 positive reviews, this palette's rich blue hues and glittery shades are bound to make the bold Aquarius in your life smile. A combination of nine matte and shimmer shades provides plenty of layering and blending options to satisfy their creative side, while the built-in mirror makes on-the-go touch-ups easy. The palette is available in several color combos, and when it comes to this air sign, Sapphire is our fool-proof pick. ($27; sephora.com)

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Scratch-off U.S. map with floral print from Etsy photo

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Scratch-Off Map

Along with creative and imaginative character traits, those born under the Aquarius sign also thirst for adventure. A gift like this scratch-off map allows them to keep track of their travels across the United States in a decorative way. Every time they scratch off a new state, they'll reveal a beautiful hand-painted floral design featuring each state's flower. By the time they've visited all 50, they'll have a pretty piece they can proudly display on their desk or wall. ($25; etsy.com)

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Wellness journal from Ban.do photo

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Wellness Workbook

Freedom of expression is one of the most important values of an Aquarius, and this wellness workbook provides just that. In its 100 pages, they'll find everything they need to stay on track with their goals including check-ins, tearaway cards, and more. They'll also enjoy jotting down intellectual ideas among the artistically pretty pages, and will feel inspired with the exploration and action sections. ($18; bando.com)

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Aquarius bar soap photo

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Zodiac Soap

Thanks to a blend of jasmine, sandalwood, and rose, these soothing soaps offer a decadent smell paired with a moisturizing formula. Each one features unique packaging designed specifically for its respective zodiac sign (Aquarius is blue, of course) and includes a special message on the inside. Pair this soap with the wellness journal and Aquarius book from above for a holistic self-care gift basket that will help your friend relax physically, mentally, and emotionally. ($9; anthropologie.com)

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Sweatshirt with eco-friendly message from Etsy photo

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Statement Sweatshirt

It's no secret Aquarians possess a humanitarian side. The only thing they love more than nature itself is using their voice to protect it. A sweatshirt like this one allows them to make an eco-friendly statement while also keeping them warm. Plus, it features a clever play on words, something no intellectual Aquarian can resist. ($18, usually $20; etsy.com)

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