6 Zodiac Gift Ideas for the Aries in Your Life

When it comes to presents, the Aries (born between March 21 and April 20) will appreciate gifts that speak to their fiery nature. To match their passionate, confident, and energetic side, we gathered some gift ideas to help you shop for this Mars-ruled sign.

Aries t-shirt from Etsy, zodiac candle from Etsy, Tarte lipstick
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Party Phone Game

To say Aries never shy away from competition is an understatement. Ruled by the god of war, they thrive on it. Play to their competitive side (literally) with this party game that turns smartphones into a battle royale. Find out who has the most alarms. Who can take the silliest selfie? They'll love going head-to-head with you and other friends; just be prepared for things to get intense — they are an Aries after all. ($20, uncommongoods.com)

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Aries t-shirt from Etsy photo

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Aries T-Shirt

Depicted as the ram, the Aries sign is proud and persistent. This shirt allows them to show off their zodiac sign (something they love to do) while also playing to their confident nature. No matter which of the three color combos you pick, your Aries friend is sure to crack a smile when they see this t-shirt — and then immediately try it on. ($21, originally $28, etsy.com)

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Tarte Color Splash lipstick in sundaze photo

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Tarte Color Splash Lipstick

Although red is their sign's color, when it comes to lipstick it's a little too basic for the bold Aries. Instead, opt for Tarte Cosmetics' Color Splash lipstick in "Sundaze." The fiery orange hue fits their personality and the long-lasting pigment will stay on through date night. ($21, tartecosmetics.com)

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Zodiac-inspired candle from Etsy photo

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Zodiac Candle

When it comes to capturing the essence of an Aries, look no further than this candle. It's a literal play to their fire element, but the real gift is the thoughtful label that describes their personality. Of course we know Aries are confident, but deep down they also harbor some insecurities. This message shares all the wonderful aspects of the sign letting them know they're loved and appreciated for exactly who they are. Plus, the candle's ginger apple spice scent smells amazing. ($20, etsy.com)

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Do One Thing Every Day mindfulness journal from Target photo

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Happiness Journal

Although they're packed with energy, Aries need to take time to slow down. Insert this mindfulness journal. It includes 368 pages of creative prompts that encourage them to appreciate the simple joys of life. It's the gift they didn't know they needed, and one that gives them something to look forward to every day. ($10, target.com)

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Red suede loafers from Asos photo

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Red Flats

The Mars-ruled Aries sign isn't one for pastels. That's why these loafers suit them perfectly. The red shade adds a pop of their signature color to any outfit while the classic silhouette complements everything from jeans to skirts. Whether they're conquering a challenge at work or just spending the day with friends, these comfortable kicks will get worn time and time again. ($51, asos.com)

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