Illuminate Your Home with Fun, Ambient Lighting

Light up your life! Easily transform your space into a cozy nook with ambient lighting. You're probably familiar with fairy string lights and even own some yourself. But what about an avocado light or a moon light sculpture? If the answer is no, it's time to change that.

What is ambient lighting anyways? Simply put, it's the main source of light in a room. Interior designers often pair this lighting with dimmers to create a softer, inviting vibe to the room. But if you don't want to mess with that, you can buy ambient lights that have a low level glow. They're perfect for any space where you want a zen atmosphere.

There's a huge trend right now of unique, playful ambient lights to add an instant touch of personality to the room. From cactus to tuna designs, you can find one that fits your style. Many of these selections are perfect for a party. Your guests will love snapping pics in front of these fun finds! Scroll through to shop and elevate your room's design and feel.

Urban Outfitters Geo Moon Light Sculpture photo

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Geo Moon Light Sculpture

This light sculpture is so dreamy! Get chill with a moon-shaped light on your wall. The product is battery-powered so you don't need to place it near an outlet — just slide in three AA's and you're good to go. The light sculpture would go great with purple pillows and zodiac-themed decor. Read your horoscope under this light's shimmery shine. ($34,

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Walmart Smoko Eva Avocado Ambient Light photo

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Smoko Eva Avocado Ambient Light

Is avocado toast your go-to order at brunch? Celebrate your favorite fruit with this playful ambient light! We love this cheery, little avocado, which is sure to spice up your space. The LED bulb lasts over 100,000 hours, which means you can leave this light glowing all day, every day. If you're feeling especially spirited, you can also add the Smoko Butta Toast Ambient Light to your cart. ($14.99,

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Urban Outfitters Mushroom Resin Table Lamp photo

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Mushroom Resin Table Lamp

This mushroom lamp is top-rated, and it's easy to see why. The lamp's copper color shines, and multiple perforations send speckled light throughout the room. One reviewer wrote that this lamp "creates a magical atmosphere in my bedroom." This product reminds us of the fairy tales we loved when we were little! Throw it back to childhood with this whimsical find. ($79.99,

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Free People Sunnylife Small Neon Light photo

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Sunnylife Small Neon Light

Add some flamingos to your life! This light is so fun. Jazz up your apartment with this distinctive design — no batteries required. Go all out by teaming this flamingo light with a couple of cactuses. Spring for some succulents, or shop a cactus-themed light below. Either way, your room will look exotic. ($30,

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Walmart Smoko Kuma Shiba Inu Ambient Light photo

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Smoko Kuma Shiba Inu Ambient Light

Shiba Inus are some of the most adorable, photogenic dogs. I mean, have you seen all the Shiba Inu memes? Between their quirky personalities and plush looks, Shiba Inus steal many hearts both online and off. Represent the precious pup with this ambient light, which would sweeten up any desk. ($14.99,

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Amazon Churun Folding Book Lamp photo

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Churun Folding Book Lamp

Gift the bookworm in your life with one of these charming lamps. This compact book light is ideal for travel. It folds as a book, then opens to give a soothing glow. There are three color options, including "Warm White," "Cold White" and "Warm Yellow." Surprise your favorite book lover with this lamp and a tassel bookmark. ($17.99,

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Walmart Haru Tuna Sushi Ambient Light photo

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Smoko Haru Tuna Sushi Ambient Light

Sushi enthusiasts, you need this light. Reviewers call the tuna light "the cutest, little thing in the world." They speak the truth! Buy several of these lights for a party, or snag just one to liven up your bedside table. The colorful design is sure to make you smile. The small size is an added plus, making this charming light easy to transport and move around the room. ($14.99,

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Urban Outfitters Bulb Firefly Table Lamp photo

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Bulb Firefly Table Lamp

Light up your space with battery-powered firefly lights. This table lamp pairs well with a colorful tapestry and a stack of books — ideally about astrology. We love how the firefly lights release a soft, golden glow, while the bulb looks delightfully vintage. This trendy piece is sure to capture many compliments. ($20,

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Amazon Kikuu Pink Neon Sign Girls Girls Girls photo

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Kikuu Pink Neon Sign Girls Girls Girls

Girl power! This neon sign burns bright and is super insta-worthy. Surround the light with your favorite feminist icons as a fun DIY project. A pop of pink is sure to elevate your space while looking great on the grid. Reviewers call this light bright, beautiful and a "must-buy conversation piece." This light is great for parties, or just for chilling at home. ($53.75,

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Amazon Qiantao Ice Cream Neon Sign photo

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Qiantao Ice Cream Neon Sign

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Illuminate your home with decor inspired by the delicious dessert. This light boasts a long lifespan and requires only three AA batteries. If you're hosting a movie night, a couple of these lights will help exude that theater feel. This fun design is sure to catch eyes and sweeten up the ambiance. ($13.99,

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Amazon Love Lighting DIY Cinema Light Box photo

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Love Lighting DIY Cinema Light Box

We love the vintage feel of this LED light box. You can personalize the lamp with your favorite song lyric, motivational message or personal mantra. The box is battery operated, with 367 letters, numbers and icons to choose from. With so many options to experiment with, you'll have fun getting creative. ($26.99,

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Urban Outfitters Cactus Mini LED Neon Table Lamp photo

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Cactus Mini LED Neon Table Lamp

It can be summer all year round with the right themed decor! We love this cactus display for its bright color and minimalist design. Whether you live in Arizona or Alaska, everyone could use more cactus decor in their life. You don't have to be a desert dweller to shop the trend. The punch of soft, green light from this cactus design will make you dream about Coachella. ($24,

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