6 Space-Saving Organization Hacks for Your Closet — You Can Thank Us Later

Yes, spring cleaning applies to your wardrobe, too, and we found everything you need to successfully organize your closet.

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A pack of 10 black space-saving hangers from Amazon photo

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Space Saving Hangers

We know purging your closet probably isn't an easy task (or a fun one), but it's something that should be done at least once a year to help make room for future purchases. If you're wondering how to determine what you should keep, toss, or donate, here are a few tips. Once you've narrowed down your "keep" pile, order this pack of 10 space-saving hangers to completely transform your closet. Each hook holds up to five garments and saves you space to create more room for your clothes. Editor Tip: Make your mornings easier by organizing your hanging clothes by "type." That way you can reach for one hanger with all your button-down shirts, one hanger with all your blouses, etc. ($13; amazon.com)

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Two acrylic shelf dividers from Wayfair photo

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Acrylic Shelf Dividers

If you've ever wondered how some influencers get their closets to look immaculate, it's with these acrylic shelf dividers. Sure, you could stack your clothes but it doesn't look very pleasing. The shelf dividers help keep everything in its place so you can easily find what you're looking for and your closet will look great in the process. Make sure to add more than one set to your cart because let's be honest, you're going to end up needing more. ($30; wayfair.com)

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Six-tier closet organizer from West Elm photo

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Soft Closet Organizer

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably familiar with a hanging closet organizer, like this one. This versatile storage unit can hold practically anything; use it as a makeshift dresser filled with clothes or use it to hold your shoes and other small accessories. If you don't have room to hang it on a rod, lay it on the floor of your closet and it'll work just as well — you could even use it to separate undergarments, socks, and swimwear. ($44; westelm.com)

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Acrylic hanging closet organizer from Target photo

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Clear Storage Tray

Calling all handbag fanatics! This hanging organizer tray is exactly what you need to help eliminate clutter in your closet without getting rid of your most prized possessions — your handbags. Take a sigh of relief, we'll wait. Now, hurry up and order this amazing storage find so you can separate your purses (while showing off your well-organized space to anyone who claims you might have a shopping problem). ($20; target.com)

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Two white pull-out drawers from Amazon photo

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Stackable Drawers

Sometimes space is limited, and instead of attempting to cram an entire storage system into your closet, opt for these stackable drawers. They come in sets of two that can be arranged however you need to fit your space and even come with sliding drawers to easily access your belongings. Once you have them in your wardrobe we won't be surprised if you start adding them to your kitchen, living room, and pantry, too. ($41 for a pack of two; amazon.com)

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Bamboo shoe rack with extra storage from Wayfair photo

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Bamboo Shoe Rack

If you're lucky enough to have a luxurious walk-in closet (we're jealous), this bamboo shoe rack is the organizational hack you need. It has a functional four-shelf design that can hold up to eight pairs of shoes and it even includes added storage space on the side for accessories like umbrellas or yoga mats. Plus, it's made from moisture-wicking bamboo that's actually stylish. ($36.99, originally $96.99; wayfair.com)

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