Get Your House Ready For Guests This Holiday Season

If this is your first holiday hosting a guest, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of preparing your studio apartment or small condo for a visitor. Whether it's your mom or sister or best gal pal from college—we're giving you the lowdown on all the quick and easy things you can do to officially become the hostess with the mostest on your very first try.


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First Things First

One of the most important things to figure out prior to your house guest arriving is their sleeping situation. Whether you're making a spot for them on your couch or blowing up your trusty air mattress, she's going to need some appropriate bedding. We are absolutely in love with this dreamy snooze set from Urban Outfitters and low-key are wondering… do they make this in a king size? The delicate pattern is soft and charming, and the set comes with a cushy comforter, fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a cotton tote bag for easy storage and transport. ($169+;

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So Long, Old Futon

As our home furniture matures now that the futon-filled college days are behind us, we might as well step up our visitors' bedding as well. This ottoman-turned-guest bed from Wayfair is so chic, no one will ever know that your favorite foot rest could also turn into an instant sleeper. For those studio apartments that don't allow much extra space for an oversized couch (or a single closet to keep an air mattress…) this convertible ottoman guest bed is your dream come true. A comfortable mattress fits securely inside with an accompanying flexible mesh so now all we're wondering is: Would it be frowned upon to claim this spot every weekend for our Saturday night Netflix binge sessions? We won't tell! ($319;

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Throw Down

You'll want to make sure that your guest is comfortable, and to ensure that your holiday visitor is nice and cozy during their stay, investing in a quality throw blanket is a solid move. This dusky pink herringbone throw blanket from H&M is a fashionable living room accessory that also serves as a comfy companion for snuggling on the couch or sleeping on an ottoman… whichever you prefer. ($50;

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Fluffy & 500 Thread Count

Another must-have for visitors is a comfortable and cushiony pillow to cinch that dreamy slumber. Your guests won't know what hit them once their head tumbles down onto this 500-thread-count Legacy Pillow by Biltmore. Stock up for your own bed, or grab a single cushion for the guest—but rest assured in your purchase because you definitely won't be disappointed with this soft cotton pillow that will undoubtedly bring a peaceful night's slumber to every sleepy user. ($36;

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Time To Wash Up

Another staple item to grab prior to your guest's arrival is a set of fresh towels. There's nothing like a brand new, freshly washed towel and your guest will sincerely thank you for having this super soft cotton collection from Anthropologie at their disposal. The simple white is classic in design, but the grey stitched detailing along the edges adds a small fashionable flair. The collection comes with one bath towel and a matching hand towel so your guest can wash up with complete ease and elegance. ($16+;

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The Essentials

For an extra personal touch to your bathroom decor, add a soap and lotion set to your vanity for a seamless washing experience for your house guest. Whether they forgot their lotion at home or merely find the available option a great luxury, a simple touch like this could go a long way. Not only do we love the elegance of the gold dispenser paired with the striking royal blue color of the bottles, but the "Volcano" scent is an Anthropologie brand favorite. With shea butter and coconut oil hydrating the skin and a fruity scent that will linger for hours—notes of sugared oranges, lemons, and limes combine for sheer perfection. To go above and beyond, stock an extra toothbrush and razor under your cabinet just in case your guest forgets one of her essentials! ($38;

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Stop & Smell The Poinsettias

Everyone loves fresh flowers, so hop on over to your local florist or grocery store to pick up some fresh blooms for the bathroom or coffee table. We think this white weathered wood vase is the perfect design that will add serious style to your home while letting the fresh flowers be the main focal point. The neutral color lends endless opportunities for styling the vase all year long, but how beautiful would bright red poinsettias look in this vase? The holiday season can't come soon enough, and we love this simple decorating tactic that will give your home major style points. ($50;

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Velvety Addition

Another simple decor ploy that will instantly spruce up your space, add in this dusty rose throw pillow cover to give your living space a fashionable flair. The velvety texture makes for a romantic accessory that will flatter any decorating style. And just in case you don't have extra throw pillow stuffing lying around, the pillow inserts are only $10! However if you do have some old flimsy throws just sitting on the couch, this velvet cushion cover will be your secret to a revamped living room in a pinch! ($10;

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Smells Like Sleep

Perhaps one of the most important things you'll need to do in order to have your home guest-ready will be to clean and freshen. Once you've wiped all the counters, washed all the linens, and vacuumed your cat's favorite spot under the window, open a window and light a fresh smelling candle. Nothing smells homier than a warm-burning candle, and this gentle and calming scent from Pour L'air is at the top of our list. The sensual and rhythmic notes of black fig, roots, and warmed cotton sheets combine to bring an intoxicating smell that will have everyone in the room closing their eyes and imagining the breeze flowing through their hair while engulfed in an enchanting dream. The luxury candle is appropriately titled "Nap Lovers," after all, so light with caution of guests falling asleep on command. ($77;

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Rise & Shine

Whether you and your house guest have an eventful weekend planned or are looking forward to movie marathons in your PJs, every woman needs her morning caffeine fix. This Kate Spade mug set is brightly outlined in colorful illustrations and will add another charming touch to your visitor's stay. For a flashy start to your day, serve your coffee in these precious mugs and as Kate Spade herself would say, maybe even eat cake for breakfast. ($58;

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