11 Home Office Essentials For Every Girl Boss

Every true girl boss can't resist the urge to pull her laptop out of her designer tote bag post 5 p.m.—even if she declares her home office to be her kitchen table. Whether you have a full on office space or find that your best work comes from the comfort of your couch, we curated a list of the top items that every goal-digging girl boss should have.


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So Well Composed

Write, scribble, or jot down the musings of your mind with this strikingly chic gold pen set by Kate Spade. Every boss knows the importance of presentation, so pulling one of these elegant pens out of your purse will bring a luxe twist to simple tasks such as writing a check, signing a receipt, or taking notes at a meeting over coffee. ($25; belk.com)

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No Coffee, No Work-ee

Speaking of coffee… Have you ever met a hard-working grinding gal that wasn't fueled by caffeine? We can't think of a better addition to your mug collection than a coffee cup that declares your rightful title right across the front. The ceramic mug comes in two different sizes, and has an eloquent calligraphy that gives it a feminine finish. The perfect accessory to any desk, coffee table, or nightstand—this precious girl boss mug is a must-have. ($13.95+; etsy.com)

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Step Into My Office

Are you even a legit businesswoman if you don't have a gold plated nameplate? This darling accessory will give your desk a sophisticated edge with a flair of fun, and quite honestly—we're wondering why we haven't invested in one sooner. Nameplates with your actual name are so overrated, so why not take a walk on the wild side and tell it just like it is: You are a boss, and everyone should know it. ($30; amazon.com)

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Let's Get Organized

The key to ruling the world is staying organized, and there's no easier way to see your busy week of meetings and appointments at a glance than a big, pastel desk calendar. We love this particular desk planner that organizes each day with enough space to list out your schedule while also accommodating a side block with a notes section and check off style to do list. If you want to truly plan like a boss, you're going to have to get organized and we'd happily vouch for this desk planner any day. ($10; kohls.com)

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Within These Four Walls

Give your space a sophisticated styling touch by adding girly prints to the walls. Etsy has so many precious prints, but we're majorly obsessed with this eyelashes + lips combo from the LovelyLittlePrint shop. Depending on how much space you have to decorate, you could feature this single print on a nearby wall as the main star, or you could build a full-on gallery wall with fashion prints, inspiring quotes, and ultra fabulous designs. ($3; etsy.com)

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Organization Station

It can be overwhelming to say the least when we're forced to respond to emails on our laptop while listening to the latest installment from our favorite podcast all the while trying to respond to our group chat of girlfriends about the night's dinner plans. Keeping track of all our electronics, not to mention that important bill you just received in the mail, can be a real struggle if your desk typically looks like a Category 4 hurricane just ripped through it (yes—we're referencing that iced coffee you inevitably spill every week). Nevertheless, have no fear, because this super stylish docking station is the answer to all your dilemmas. Dock your tablet or cellphone along this multifunctional piece, while also keeping your jewelry, important papers, or the lipstick you always seem to lose right where you can see it. With a sleek groove that accommodates your charging cords, this docking station is a working girl's gift from above. ($63; nordstrom.com)

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Speckled With Style

When it comes to desk supplies and office accessories, the Queen of all Charm, Kate Spade, never fails to put a cutesy touch on even the simplest of things. Case in point: these chic file folders. (Bet you've never used the words chic and file folders in the same sentence before, huh?) Pulling one of these black and white speckled punch folders out of your briefcase will give you a serious edge that will have everyone wondering how you manage to make even your paper folders… so fashionable. Also, we'd just like to note that though we may never be able to keep our desk absent of a mess—scattered stylish folders like these ones spread out across our space may not be so bad afterall. ($16; katespade.com)

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Keep It Together

Adding the glam factor to your office doesn't have to involve completely redesigning your space. Try incorporating some luxe desk accessories, like this shiny rose-gold stapler by Ted Baker. An often underestimated home office staple, you'll definitely be grateful to have a stapler on hand when creating long documents or organizing papers. ($28; nordstrom.com)

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Light It Up

This alluring table lamp is the perfect desk accessory for the lady or loves to work late. Whether you rise before the sun or work well after it sets, having a desk lamp is a necessity. We love this elegant lamp that features a stylish marble base design, with an ultra-glam champagne lampshade. As far as elegant desk lamps go, this one ranks right at the top of our list. ($198; lampsplus.com)

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A Personal Touch

The epitome of a girl boss is the woman who can do it all, and do it fabulously. We like to think that the hard-working boss babe who really stands out though, knows that it's all in the details. Investing in a personalized set of stationery is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to your work—whether you're sending a thank you note or jotting down your to-do list. We love this painted floral design from CurioPress on Etsy, but just in case you're looking for something different, the shop is stocked full of different variations and designs for you to choose from. ($14; etsy.com)

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Mousing Around

Though many hustling girl bosses are always on the go, lugging their laptops to meetings and from appointments on the regular, it can be nice to have a comfortable workspace set up at home to be as productive as possible. You'd be surprised at how much adding a wireless mouse to your workflow can help with your efficiency, and extra bonus points go the girl who has a stylish marble mouse pad as the base for her productivity partner in crime. This gorgeous design by LovelyCasesDesign on Etsy is totally dream-worthy and will up your office's style points in an instant. ($12; etsy.com)

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