12 Housewarming Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Moved

This year, flatter the new homeowner in your life with a darling gift. Nothing says, "Happy Holidays" quite like a polka-dotted tea kettle or a sparkly set of monogrammed champagne flutes. These are our top picks for the housewarming gifts that will make her welcome home so much sweeter.


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Personality Plates

For your friend who loves to play hostess and thoroughly enjoys having the last word, these charming little appetizer plates from Pier 1 Imports are the perfect housewarming gift. The set of four includes fun phrases on each, adding a mix of style and whimsical fun to the party. We don't know about you, but we always prefer our bruschetta with a side of cutesy wit. ($20; pier1.com)

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The Statement Rug

Help your new home-owning gal pal keep her energy bill low and her fire hazards at a minimum by reminding her to unplug her hair styling tools upon leaving the house. This fun rug is a sweet and silly gift that will undoubtedly get a lot of use, both as a rug and as a friendly reminder. Looking for a housewarming gift that will make a big statement? Look no further than Be There In Five's Etsy shop, filled with fun welcome mats that will suddenly have you shopping for every woman you know's entryway. ($45; etsy.com)

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Poppin' Bottles For These Champagne Flutes

These adorable monogrammed champagne flutes are a classy and feminine present for your friend, the new *sophisticated* homeowner. The tall and skinny style with the gold embellished design is so elegant, they will definitely be the star of every party she throws. ($14; anthropologie.com)

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A Gouda Gift

Speaking of throwing parties—every true hostess with the mostess knows the importance of having a darling cheese knife set, right? Regardless, shower your friend with ultimate style and charm with this anything-but-cheesy housewarming gift. The pink-and-red striped handles donned in sparkly gold stars are the feminine touch that make these serving utensils the cutest cheese knives you ever did see. ($36; anthropologie.com)

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Save Us A Slice

Sweet and simple, gifting your new homeowner with a precious cake plate is as sugar-coated as it gets. This metallic lace cake stand from Anthropologie comes in mint or gold, and is a gift that makes owning a new home sugar, spice, and everything nice. We are obsessed with the delicate detailing on the plate and equally captivated by the intricate stand. Charming design enclosed in the box, but delicious cake is not included. ($32+; anthropologie.com)

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Pour Her A Drink

If you want to go above and beyond for your housewarming gift, help her get her at-home bar (and the party, if we're being honest) started with this gold-rimmed bar cart. The wheels make this classy cart a mobile bar, while the wood shelving adds a sophisticated finish to this decorative necessity. Whether it's stationary or constantly on the move, you can be sure that your gal pal is always serving her cocktails in serious style. ($120; target.com)

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Serving Up Delicious Style

Another great idea for the girl who loves to entertain, this monogram marble and wood serving board is cute and functional. The personalized addition will add a sentimental touch to this housewarming gift, while the sleek design is elegantly finished. She'll be showcasing her appetizers and finger foods in total style, thanks to you. ($63; nordstrom.com)

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Tea Time

For the tea-drinking homeowner, this polka-dotted tea kettle is a must-have. The Kate Spade signature pattern is the perfect finish for such a sleek teapot, and we're positive that there's no cuter kettle out there. The best part? She can leave this gold-dotted cutie on her stove stop at all times as a dainty decoration because… well, look at it. ($50; katespade.com)

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For The Couch Potato

Okay, let's be honest. Who doesn't eat dinner from the comfort of their couch, with a front row seat to Netflix streaming on the TV every night? If you have a couch-loving TV fanatic, then she needs a set of these elegant couch tables. The glossy white finish is sleek and trendy, while the metal frame will provide sturdy support for even the biggest of dinners, paired with the fullest of wine glasses. ($70; target.com)

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What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

If you're new home-owning friend is looking to start her cooking career on an organized—and might we add, stylish—note, then this Kate Spade recipe box is the perfect housewarming gift. She can keep her recipes organized while also adding a cutesy countertop decoration, all thanks to you. This box also comes with blank recipe cards, so go above and beyond and give her your favorite recipe for an even more personalized touch! ($30; katespade.com)

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Make It A Stiff One

Perhaps your cocktail connoisseur already has a bar cart and cute wine bottle stoppers, but does she have a metallic cocktail shaker set? This sleek set from Urban Outfitters comes with a cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, and mixing spoon so you can be sure that she is ready to go the next time she needs to prepare you a dirty martini on the rocks upon your next arrival. Is this a gift for you or her? Nevermind that, she needs this. ($39; urbanoutfitters.com)

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It's Getting Hot In Here

Keeping the polka-dotted theme alive, these blue-and-gold oven mitts from Anthropologie are a chic gift idea for the chef who has it all. Pots, pans, and dishes are a present of the past so take it one step cuter with these gold embellished mits for a foolproof way to make cooking oh-so-fashionable. ($14+; anthropologie.com)

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