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Even a small decanter can bring out big flavors. Our Petite Traditional Decanter accommodates a full standard bottle of wine as an...y other decanter would, and features a broad hand-blown glass base to coax every subtlety and nuance from delicate and... read more


Gently aerate your wine with the subtle curvature of our Centerpiece Tabletop Decanter. An attractive hourglass shape and tilted m...outh catch light on the countertop to display the deep reds and golds of any full standard bottle to elegant effect. read more


The Marquis Liquor Decanter recalls the delicate arc of a royal coronet, complete with a weighty stopper atop the bottle where a j...ewel might otherwise sit. This translucent carafe is hand-blown from lead-free crystal to showcase your choice of libation... read more


With a broad bowl base to maximize flavor, a perfectly arched handle at its back and a wide-cut mouth to pour, our classically sha...ped Mallard Duck Decanter is crafted from hand-blown glass to make aeration and serving both elegant and effortless. read more

$38.66 $27.84

The Mesa™ Bamboo Appetizer Serving Set incorporates everything you need for serving in one set. Features a small spade for, narrow plane knife for slicing a stout fork for serving and removable ceramic tray, all of which nestle comfortably in... read more


Take the worry out of vino and pour carefree from your Flexi Wine Decanter. This flexible plastic vessel comfortably holds 24, and is impossible to shatter. read more

$35.41 $28.41

There are a thousand beautiful decanters out there, but sometimes what you’re looking for is the one that’s truly timeless. A perf...ect balance of form and function, our hand-blown traditional handled decanter incorporates an elegant tilted pour spout,... read more

$25.96 $14.99

Achieve maximum aeration with the Fountain Aerating Decanter Funnel. Its separate strainer and funnel pieces fit together to send ...a shower of ready-to-drink wine spiraling into your decanter. read more

$16.79 $12.27

Mix these stainless steel decanter cleaning beads with a bit of water, pour into your decanter, carafe, coffee pot, flask or trave...l mug, and swirl. Watch as stains and sediment disappear, then pour the beads back out and with a rinse they’re ready for... read more

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