Romantic Gift Guide for All Relationship Types

Love is in the air! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we rounded up the best Valentine's Day gifts for every relationship status. Relationships come in many forms, so whether you're married or casually seeing someone, we have you covered.

This year we're celebrating all forms of love, so grab a gift for a family member or a friend! You don't have to be cuffed up to get in the gifting spirit. From fondue makers to Moscow Mule mugs, these gifts will have your heart throbbing.

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Nordstrom TUMI Delta ID Lock Shielded Slim Single Billfold Valentine's Day gift boyfriend photo

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Best Gift for Your Boyfriend: TUMI Delta ID Lock Shielded Slim Single Billfold

Your boyfriend will love the sleek design and luxurious look of this wallet. It's made of full-grain leather with high-quality stitching. These fine fabrics ensure your boyfriend will get lots of wear out of this wallet, and every time he uses it he'll think of you. This wallet is also impressively high-tech! Tumi ID Lock technology helps protect personal data on his cards from electronic theft. If your boyfriend loves having the latest technology, grab him this handcrafted wallet ($85,

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Amazon Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for a New Relationship: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

The start of a relationship brings so many firsts: first date, first kiss, first time meeting the family... Chronicle all the memories to come with a Fujifilm Instant Camera! This top-rated product prints your photo right after you snap it for immediate gratification. Valentine's Day is a big social media moment, so you can capture some cute couple photos with the new camera. The best part is that you can each take away a photo as a keepsake to remember. That's the best Valentine's Day gift you can enjoy as a couple. This camera hits the mark! Say cheese. ($64.99,

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Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for a Long-Distance Relationship: Long Distance Friendship Lamp

These in-sync lamps are a thoughtful gift for when someone special lives many miles away! When you turn on the lamp, the accompanying lamp releases the same ambient glow no matter the distance. The lamps are connected through Wi-Fi and are activated through simply touching the lamp whenever you want to express that you're thinking of your signifcant other. The lamp cycles through a rainbow of colors for a fun effect. You can even set a special hue for your loved one. ($170,

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Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Nightshirt Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Your Girlfriend: Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Lingerie

Your girlfriend deserves to feel pretty and pampered at every moment, including when she sleeps. She'll love the playful print and cozy feel of this nightshirt. You'll love how cute she looks in it! There are three shades to choose from so you can pick the print that best matches your girlfriend's vibe. This top-rated nightshirt on Nordstrom has reviewers raving that it's the "best sleep shirt ever." ($49,

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Amazon Zyllion Shitasu Back and Neck Massager Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Your Husband: Zyllion Shitasu Back and Neck Massager

Give your husband a relaxing and restorative experience with this much-loved massager. Deep-kneading massage nodes will relieve his tired muscles after a tough gym session or a long day at work. If your husband loves massages but you're not an especially skilled masseuse, this present is perfect. You can really go all out by pairing this massager with joggers, dark chocolate and a bottle of red wine. He's going to love it! With over 11,000 glowing reviews, you can't go wrong. ($49.95,

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Nordstrom Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Unisex Robe Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Your Wife: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Unisex Robe

The title says it all: this robe is both cozy and chic. Talk about the ideal combination! Your wife will adore having some rest and relaxation in this comfy fit. There are nine shades to choose from, so pick the one that's closest to your wife's favorite color. You can continue the self-care theme by also grabbing her bubble bath, slippers and a new nightshirt. It's a great gift for showing how much you appreciate her. ($99,

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Amazon Kingole Flannel Microfiber Throw Blanket Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Your Undefined Relationship: Kingole Flannel Microfiber Throw Blanket

A fuzzy throw blanket is ambiguous, just like your relationship. You can easily pass this off as a selfish gift so you're more comfortable during a Netflix and Chill sesh. This blanket is super cozy, so it's great to bring to a movie marathon. Casually leave the blanket behind at your partner's place as a subtle gift that's not-so-serious. It's an awesome way to say "I care, but I'm also cool with keeping it casual." ($20.99,

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Nordstrom Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gender Neutral Gift: Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bring the party with this awesome portable speaker! The bright orange shade is so fun and will add to the ambiance of your space. Despite its small size, this speaker is powerful for blasting all your favorite songs. The speaker's durable design makes it perfect for road trips, beach parties and other events on the go. There's a six-hour battery life, plus it's compatible with Siri. Gift this to your fun-loving partner. ($99,

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Shop Similar Products Traveling Party Getaway Toiletries Bag Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Polyamorous Gift: Traveling Party Getaway Toiletries Bag

Snag something vibrant and light-hearted to commemorate your polyamorous relationship. This bag's message "Traveling Party" is a fun way to celebrate on Valentine's Day or really any day of the year. It's sure to get a smile when your lover opens it in front of you. Plus, the playful pink print is adorable! This bag is perfect for getaways or sleepovers. Fill it with travel-size goodies to amp up the gift. Pick up a matching one for yourself. You deserve it, too! ($12.99,

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Amazon KoolBrew Copper Rose Moscow Mule Gift Set Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for a Casual Fling: KoolBrew Copper Rose Moscow Mule Gift Set

Here today, gone tomorrow? Get a gift that's as casual as your relationship. Something temporary and party-themed does the trick! This Moscow Mule set for two is sweet but also screams, "It's not that deep." Pair it with your favorite bottles of vodka and ginger beer, and you have a gift both of you can enjoy. On Valentine's Day, you can enjoy homemade cocktails together with these high-quality, pure copper mugs. Cheers! ($17.99,

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Amazon Good Cooking Chocolate Fondue Maker Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Family: Good Cooking Chocolate Fondue Maker

This fondue maker is flying off the shelves for Valentine's Day! It'll delight your family's hearts to receive this. The fondue maker boasts melting and warming settings for perfect chocolate fondue every time. There's also a chocolate fountain for added entertainment. Four forks make it easy to share as you indulge in pound cake, marshmallows, chocolate-covered strawberries and other delectable desserts. If you're hungry just thinking about all the sugary possibilities, it's a sign to add this to your cart! ($24.95,

shop this! Glitter Bomb iPhone Case Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Your Best Friend: Glitter Bomb iPhone Case

Do you and your bestie love snapping selfies together? Add to the good times of those pics by gifting a sparkly iPhone case that's so cute, we can't stop staring at it. This one fits an iPhone XR. It's double-walled and made of hard plastic, so if your friend is a little clumsy this will protect her iPhone from damage. The case includes a sunshine design with glitter flakes, so it'll instantly brighten her day. ($27.95,

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Crate & Barrel Set of 2 Heart Bowls Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Affordable Option: Crate & Barrel Heart Bowls

A lovely way to celebrate your valentine is making brunch for two. These heart-shaped bowls are perfect for loading with oatmeal, granola, a quinoa combo or another delicious dish. The larger bowl is creamy white while the smaller one shines in blush. The set comes with a pink bow and a gift tag, so it'll look adorable when you present it as a gift. Surprise your sweetheart on the morning of Valentine's Day with a home-cooked meal using these bowls. ($24.95,

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Amazon Calphalon Espresso Machine with Steam Wand Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Splurge: Calphalon Espresso Machine with Steam Wand

What makes every morning better? Coffee! If you or a loved one is a coffee connoisseur, this espresso machine is sure to impress. A 15-bar Italian pump delivers the perfect amount of pressure for incredible flavor. Thermoblock heating technology creates a consistently mouth-watering espresso. While this espresso machine is an investment, think of it this way: You'll cut down on buying espresso at coffee shops so this machine will pay for itself! ($299.99,

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Amazon Elan Gale's Tinder Nightmares Valentine's Day gift photo

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Best Gift for Someone Who Hates Romance: Elan Gale's Tinder Nightmares

We all know someone who makes snarky comments throughout rom-coms and hates the idea of a meet-cute. Grab them a book that's all about epic fails through the dating app Tinder. This book will reinforce their pessimistic worldview as they read the "Boetry" and "Bad English" used during dating. From cringey pickup lines to creepy requests, this book rounds up all the most nightmarish aspects of looking for love. Cynics, lament! ($8.89,

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