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Of all the games that have come and gone, only a few remain popular year in and year out. One of these is Parker Brother's SORRY. ...Since its arrival from England in 1930, SORRY has provided fun and excitement for generations of Americans. The special... read more

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"Fun and Educational Game. Careers Board Game; 1979 Revised Edition.What does "success" mean to you? Fame? Fortune? Happiness? In ...this game, the choice is yours. Enter Big Business, Sports, Politics, Show Biz and Space, Become a Captain of Industry... read more

Parker Brothers
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Fun and Educational Game. Boggle, the 3-minute Word Search Game (1999) by Parker Brothers 00384.The head-to-head word search game,... Spells family fun for all ages. In just 3 minutes, you'll find the fun. Ages 8 years to adult. 2 or more players. read more

Parker Brothers

The object of this game is to LOSE all your money. If you think that sounds ridiculous, just wait until you play. After all, in other game do you act like a rock, take a trip to ANYWHERE and roll the dice with your left hand? The rules? They're... read more

Parker Brothers

"Who's your new friend? It's E.T.-that lovable creature from far, far away! But E.T. is sad, because he misses his home. Can you a...nd your friends help him return to this planet? Hide him from the adults as you collect all the things he needs to "phone... read more

Parker Brothers

Approximate playing time:5 to 15 minutes. For ages 8 to adult. Object:The concept is classic, a game that's fast-paced and easy to... learn, yet difficult to master. Pente is a challenging strategy game, adapted from ancient board games and appealing to a... read more

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