6 Zodiac Gift Ideas for the Pisces in Your Life

When it comes to presents, the Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20) will appreciate gifts that speak to their emotional nature. To match their compassionate, artistic, and romantic side, we gathered some gift ideas to help you shop for this Neptune-ruled sign.

Zodiac diffuser from Urban Outfitters, heart sweater from Nordstrom, adult coloring book from Amazon
Soap Cherie Revitalized Bubble Bath from Anthropologie photo

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Champagne Bubble Bath

If you really want to make them smile, find a gift that shows you know them, like this bubble bath. It combines their love of water with their fun-loving spirit. That's right, Pisces aren't just about their feels—they love a good party, too. This floral scent is called "Revitalized," but there are also three other options: soothing "Meditation," luxurious "Tranquility," and lavender-scented "Relaxation" to appeal to their current mood. ($32, anthropologie.com)

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Zodiac mini pisces pendant necklace from Urban Outfitters photo

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Zodiac Necklace

When it comes to style, Pisces prefer soft, delicate pieces; they don't like anything gaudy, which is exactly why they'll adore this zodiac pendant. The layered design pairs prettily with other romantic pieces while the engraved emblem shows off their Pisces pride in a subtle yet elegant way. ($24; urbanoutfitters.com)

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Lost Ocean adult coloring book from Amazon photo

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Lost Ocean Adult Coloring Book

With most of their time spent caring for others, Pisces need to unwind. That's when this adult coloring book comes into play. Not only does it have more than 1,300 five-star reviews on Amazon, but it also features their symbol—the fish—and allows them to tap into their creative side. From popular illustrator Johanna Brasford, this coloring book is a gift that allows them to dive deep into self-care. Wrap this gift with pretty pens and pencils so they have everything they need to get started. ($9.29; amazon.com)

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Zodiac Element Reed Diffuser in Water from Urban Outfitters photo

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Zodiac Reed Diffuser

Pisces are known for their dreamlike imagination, which can lead them toward mystical practices. They may enjoy reading tarot cards or channeling crystal energies, and this reed diffuser turns that interest into functional decor. It has customized scents for each element—jasmine, cedar wood, and juniper for water—and features a pretty sticker that also pays tribute to their sign. ($16; urbanoutfitters.com)

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STMT DIY bath bombs kit from Amazon photo

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DIY Bath Bomb Kit

You know Pisces love water, but a gift that meshes their aquatic appreciation with their creative tendencies (like the coloring book above) will earn major points—and potentially a few tears (it is Pisces, after all). This kit features everything they need to create five custom bath bombs, including essential oils and dried flowers. They may enjoy the bath bombs themselves, but don't be surprised if their nurturing spirit kicks in and you receive one as a gift yourself; Pisces love spoiling their friends. ($16.75; amazon.com)

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Cotton Emporium Heart Eyelash Sweater photo

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Heart Sweater

Pisces are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and with this sweater they can do that—literally. It's a versatile addition to their wardrobe, while also serving as a cozy reminder of how much you care. Anytime they wear it with their favorite jeans or leggings, they'll think of that special person who gifted it, giving them the warm and fuzzy feeling Pisces crave. ($29.40, originally $49; nordstrom.com)

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