Soak Up the Sun in These Instagram-Worthy Pool Floats

Summer is right around the corner. Before you know it, you'll be rocking the hottest one-piece swimsuit, shielding your peepers from the sun, and smothering SPF all over your body. Of course, this is all in preparation to stay safe and look chic during your favorite summertime activity, pool parties.

This summer, make a splash at your next outdoor get together by stocking up on the hottest pool floats of the season. From a Kardashian-approved float to ones that pays homage to your favorite underwater princess, let guests kick back and relax with these fun outdoor accessories. Don't be surprised if your pool parties become the talk of the town!

model on Seashell Pool Float photo

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UO Seashell Pool Float

Looking for thingamabob that will keep you afloat? We got plenty! Let this shell-shaped pool inflatable be part of your world as you soak up the sun. Luckily, you won't have to trade in your poor unfortunate souls to float off in style. Instead, grab your shellphone and surf over to Urban Outfitters to pick up your very own conch inflatable. ($48;

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kourtney Kardashian on Swimline Giant Swan pool float photo

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Swimline Giant Swan Pool Float

Of course, we can't talk about the hottest pool accessories without mentioning the OG pool float that started it all, the white swan. From Kourtney Kardashian to Alessandra Ambrosio, many A-listers have been spotted catching some rays while lounging on this giant bird. At more than 6 feet wide, you can lay back and read a book or comfortably cuddle up with your significant other just like Taylor Swift did with her then-boyfriend Calvin Harris. ($17;

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Sunnylife Llama Pool Float photo

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Sunnylife Llama Pool Float

Trying to beat the heat during the hot summer months? No prob-llama! Inspired by our favorite furry friends at the petting zoo, this oversized pool float is sure to make a splash at your next backyard party. Its llama neck acts like a head rest, making this inflatable the perfect accessory for your poolside naps. Trust us, you're friends won't be able to take their hands of this baby. ($70;

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ring Candy Pool Float photo

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BigMouth Inc Ring Candy Pool Float

Take notes, boys! We found a ring that is the perfect fit. Whether you're looking to lounge with a margarita in hand or celebrate your bachelorette party, this inflatable is a great addition to your fun-filled day in the sun. After all, If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. ($20;

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Avocado Pool Float photo

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Avocado Pool Float

Grab your favorite thirst-quenching drink and sunnies and let this pool float guac your world. A delicious addition to your outdoor activities, this summer accessory allows you to unwind after you're done with your backyard BBQ feast. At just $29, this pool float is a steal — although we'd probably pay extra to get some avocado love. ($29;

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Glitter Tiger Pool Float photo

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Glitter Tiger Pool Float

Move over, white swan! There is a new pool float reigning the kingdom. Get ready to float to the wild side with this oversized pool accessory that is guaranteed to give you a roaring good time. You'll will look fierce out in the sun as you ride the tiger-shaped float with your favorite bikini. ($49;

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angel wing float photo

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FUNBOY Angel Wing Pool Float

Good news, ladies! Victoria Secret models aren't the only ones who can wear wings. Whether you've been on your best behavior this year or not, everyone deserves this heavenly float. It's more than 9 feet wide, letting you stretch out while you take an jaw-dropping photo for the 'gram. Best of all, when you lie down the angel wings magically rise out of the water for ethereal look. ($128;

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FUNBOY The Lips Pool Float photo

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FUNBOY The Lips Pool Float

Pucker up and lounge through the summer days with this lip-shaped float that is beauty junkie-approved. The plumped pout is made from durable vinyl so you can hop on without worrying the float will budge (or in this case pop). Get ready to kiss and tell all your friends about this stunning pool float. ($69;

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Glitter Rosé Pool Float photo

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Glitter Rosé Pool Float

Nothing screams "bring me a bottle of rosé," quite like soaking up the sun in a float inspired by your favorite pink drink. Luckily, this summer you'll be able to rosé all day (after all, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere) without the dreaded hangover that sets in the next day. The float comes with a built-in cupholder, so you don't have to get out of the water to fetch a sip of rosé. ($36;

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FUNBOY Rainbow Lounger Pool Float photo

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FUNBOY Rainbow Lounger Pool Float

When it comes to pool floats, the sky's the limit. That's why this dreamy pool float from FUNBOY is hands down our favorite. With over 50 square feet of lounging area, the massive cloud keeps you dry as you're floating to the deep side of the pool without any worries of the inflatable flipping over. As for the arching rainbow, it adds a colorful backdrop for all the Instagram photos that'll have guest coming back for more. ($139;

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