House of Gharats - Kalighat Horse Classic Silk Scarf Collection Red & Green

House of Gharats Limited Edition Kalighat Horse - Kalighat Classic Silk Scarf Collection is the perfect opportunity to indulge in wearing or gifting a piece of art. This collection is a custom illustrated artwork made with the finest silk twill in Italy Inspiration The Indian horse has been an iconic cultural agent of various Indian art forms for centuries, regarded as a priced possession of the Indian royal families, polo enthusiasts and tongas on the street alike.regarded as a priced possession of the Indian royal families, polo enthusiasts and tongas on the street alike. This collection is inspired by the Kalighat paintings that originated in Bengal, India in the 19th century. Original artist practitioners of this art belonged to the 'patua' class of rural Bengal who specialized in painting clay figures, dolls and scroll pictures of Hindu epics and local legends. Kalighat paintings came about in the nineteenth century when artists realized that there was an emerging market, for what came to be known as 'souvenir paintings' among the pilgrims who visited the Kalighat temple. Kalighat painting developed in the vicinity of the Kali temple in Kolkata, India in the mid-nineteenth century. The paintings were completed on mill-made paper, stripped of decoration and traditionally feature only one or two characters. Kalighat paintings were some of the first to incorporate secular themes, while also showing satirical depictions of the growing European influence on Kolkata. This art form has been traditionally passed down from one generation to the other. It is now a dying art form with only a handful of surviving Kalighat painters trying to modernize it through the strokes of their brushes as well as introducing surprise elements into familiar images. Feel Naughty We have put together fifty naughty, hmm, knotty ways for you to tie the knot and create your style. Look out for it in the box. All Wrapped Up The Scarf comes packed in a box with a story card, which makes it convenient to gift and store beautifully. These beautiful 100% silk scarves are best dry cleaned professionally. Scarf in 100% Silk Twill, Rolled edges Made in Italy read more

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