House of Gharats - Kalighat Horse Silk Scarf Maroon

Kalighat Horse - Reviving The Lost Art Of Kalighat, Silk Scarf Collection. 'Kalighat paintings' have participated in the emergence of Bengali identity in the colonial capital, in the face of increasing Europe-anization of the city's intellectual and cultural life. The striking Kalighat Horse has been recomposed with intermingling motifs in a classical style and vibrant colour palettes. Kalighat paintings originated in the 19th century Bengal, in the vicinity of Kaliand vibrant colour palettes. Kalighat paintings originated in the 19th century Bengal, in the vicinity of Kali Temple in Kalighat, Kolkata, India. They were items of souvenir taken by pilgrims and travelers who visited the Kali temple. The paintings over a period of time developed into a distinct school of Indian painting. From the depiction of Hindu gods, goddesses, and other mythological characters, the Kalighat paintings developed to reflect a variety of themes with changing times. Kalighat paintings became very popular and were carried back as mementos to Britain, Russia, Czechoslovakia, France, and the United States. Many world-renowned, modern Indian artists like Jamini Roy's inventive style was derived from the Kalighat paintings consisting of lively, bold and sweeping brush strokes inspite of being trained in classical European painting style. This design is available in Large and XL sizes that make beautiful scarves. You may also love to frame them as an artwork that adorns your walls. House of Gharats Limited Edition Silk Scarf Collection is the perfect opportunity to indulge in wearing and gifting a piece of art. It also makes for a Perfect 'His & Her' gift set. This collection is a custom illustrated artwork made with the finest silk twill in Italy. The Kalighat paintings are an evolution of 'Patachitra' a visual storytelling style that takes the form of painted scrolls, depicting sequential scenes from stories, legends, and myths. The origins of this ancient folk art are unclear and there are two main theories behind their beginnings. Historians believe the art form stems from tribal beginnings and others believe that Patachitra began under the Mauryan Empire, from 322-185BC. Patachitra subjects began with religion and folklore, nowadays the paintings depict contemporary events like terrorist attacks, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Whilst the traditional style of the Patachitra has remained constant for thousands of years, the depicted subjects have seen a shift with the passage of time. Made in Italy: Silk Twill Your silk scarf will arrive in a delightful gift box with a story card, which makes it convenient to gift and store beautifully. These beautiful 100% silk scarves are best dry cleaned professionally. Scarf in 100% Silk Twill, Rolled edges Made in Italy read more

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