Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette

What it is: A long-wearing eyeshadow palette that features seven shades, including four fashion finishes, velvet, satin, silk, and lameto layer and dress your eyes. What it does: Empower your inner eye stylist with these ultra-luxe eyeshadow palettes, each featuring four fashion finishes: buttery matte velvet, shimmering satin, sparkling silk, and metallic lam. Each curated palette includes a covetable mix of chic neutral, wearable shades and provocative pops in a nam. Each curated palette includes a covetable mix of chic neutral, wearable shades and provocative pops in a new super-plush shadow formulation to cover lids in lasting, velvety-rich pigment. Available in six different colorways, choose the wardrobe that speaks to you, then layer it on to make the ultimate impression. This palette contains: - 7 x 0.003 oz/ 0.08 g Eyeshadows What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates What else you need to know: Beyond his fashion design, Marc Jacobs is also known as the ultimate stylist for making last-minute adjustments to perfect every look right before it walks down the runway. The eyeshadows in each Eye-Conic palette are inspired by textiles and layering, and come in four fashion finishes so you can be the ultimate stylist, too. Finish your look and let it stand out by layering a bright color or lam pop on top. Read the shade names from left to right for a short poem. The slim, seven-shadow palette was designed to feature the oblong infinity mirror, and was inspired by the rearview mirror of an automobile. Each palette features its own shade personality: Provocouture (dusty plum and magenta): Say it with style; otherwise, you might as well just stay in bed. Glambition (bare and bronze): She was infamous, known for seeking the most over-the-top glamour. Frivoluxe (chilled greige and violet): Fabulous! Always dress outrageously and how you want. Who has time for less? Scandalust (rust and warmed browns with scarlet): Hot pants at the office cause a fuss; thats why they call her little miss scandalous. Edgitorial (camouflage and reflective gold): Take a memo. Next season, well see, pleather python, making a scene, enviously, everywhere. Sartorial (celestial cobalt and icy teal with prismatic gray): Whenever in doubt: power platforms. Make sure (for once) they know who runs the show. Suggested Usage: -Layer the lam shades on top of the other textures for a metallic finish. -Also try applying the pop shades as a base to add vibrancy to neutrals, or layer over top for a burst of color. Prime the eyes: -Blend Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer over the entire eyelid and browbone. -Velvet or silk will grip the shinier shadows. Apply like a parentheses along inner and outer corners of the eye. -Highlight with velvet: Apply a velvet matte shadow in a light shade to the base of the browbone, tapping the shadow into the existing primer base. -Blend with silk finishes: Create a visual transition between the light browbone and the colorful lid, blending with a neutral shade in a silk texture. -Pop with lame: Add a pop to the center of the eyelid by dabbing on a satin, shiny shade. Layer a lam shade on top. -Use the pop shades in the palettes to take these gorgeous shades to the next level. Layer on a brilliant color pop or lam shine on top. read more

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